The Product That Will Transform Your Life: The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

The Product That Will Transform Your Life: The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Courtesy of the fine folks at Snapped Shot, I’d like to point you towards what may be the greatest invention ever actually created by mankind. Sure, it falls short of the ray gun, the Terminator, and the Death Star, but those have only been dreamt of, while this product is actually available on Amazon for the low, low, low, low, low, low price of $24.95. I am, of course, speaking of the “Laptop Steering Wheel Desk.”

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

How many times have we all been driving down the road, turning this way and that, thinking, “If only I had a desk to work on while a drive, I could get so much more done?”

I think all of us have been there, right? Well, thanks to the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk, those days are no more!

Read these actual reviews on Amazon that explain how the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk has been changing lives all across our great country!

2,262 of 2,317 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars The greatest thing ever invented!, October 26, 2009. By T. Meadows “TM” (WV) – See all my reviews

Wow is this thing great! I use it as a “mini-bar” when the friends and I go out to the bars. I can quickly fix multiple shots of tequila for myself and the friends as we drive from one bar to the next. We also discovered that if you place a pillow on top of it and turn on the cruise control you can catch quick naps on the interstate. If you swerve to the left or right the rumble strips on the road wake you up in plenty of time before you get into trouble. I can now take longer trips without being tired!

Also, i am now dating a midget and she fits nicely on the steering wheel desk which allows us to experiment sexually while driving. This thing is like WD-40 or duct tape, it is a million and one uses!

957 of 988 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars I loved this so much I got one for my 90yr old mother, October 29, 2009 By S. Kelly – See all my reviews

I loved my Laptop Steering Wheel Desk so much I got one for my 90yr old mother. She is an avid crossword puzzle fan and now she can work on them while she is driving back and forth from bingo at the senior center. One cautionary note be careful of those jerks that stop at yellow lights, my poor mother rear ended one and the airbag drove the desk back into her stomach which ruptured her spleen, well after a short down time I’m glad to say she is back on the road and cranking out those NY Times crosswords once again. Thanks Laptop Steering Wheel Desk you have made my mothers life more complete

355 of 365 people found the following review helpful: Good but problems, October 28, 2009 By Jamie O’Shaughnessy

This awesome bit of kit changed my life. The extra hours of work I could get in whilst driving on the freeway has made me so much more productive. In fact I directly attribute this to my improved bonuses and recent promotion! If you want to get ahead, get one of these.

There is one problem though. In several accidents that I have had whilst using this, the airbag causes the laptop screen to slam shut. I’ve suffered several broken fingers because of this. I have started to look around for airbag finger protection but have not yet found any…

806 of 839 people found the following review helpful: Amazing! Holds my sheet music perfectly while driving., May 7, 2009 By Brent A. Nelson

This has been a total lifesaver. It allows me to prop my sheet music against the wheel, allowing me to play the guitar with both hands while driving.

49 of 51 people found the following review helpful: Blind Man Approved, November 18, 2009 By Bill Burditzman (Helen Keller Flight Academy and Performance Driving School)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to read Braille books while driving? Every time I’d hit something my book would slide off my lap onto the floor and I’d lose my place. Problem solved…Thanks Laptop Steering Wheel Desk.

28 of 28 people found the following review helpful: Hot french fries are worth the risk., December 1, 2009 By Freddy Baby (Vegas, Baby, Vegas)

I use my laptop steering wheel desk as a place to put my Presto Fry-Daddy deep fat fryer.

Finally I can make crispy french fries while driving.

If you make turns sharp enough, the centrifugal force keeps the boiling oil in the pot as the steering wheel turns.

It takes a lot of electricty to heat a gallon of vegtable oil to a boil, so at night it dims my car’s headlights.

But what would you rather have? Headlights or fries?

Think about it. ‘Nuff said.

So, if you haven’t already bought your own Laptop Steering Wheel Desk so that you can surf Right Wing News on your laptop while you drive, what are you waiting for?

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