The Top 10 Things You Never Hear Tea Partiers Say

(Hat tip to Seth McFarlane because I stole this concept from him.)

10) You know who really gets me all fired up? Mitt Romney!

9) It was the friendly, efficient service of that IRS Agent that convinced me I was wrong about the government.

8) If I had to replace my brain with one other person’s, that person would be Meghan McCain.

7) When I want unbiased news, I go to the Washington Post.

6) Our governor could learn a few things from the people who run California.

5) So, here’s what I learned while I was watching The View today…

4) That’s why I hate arguing with liberals. They’re always so logical!

3) Know what America’s foreign policy really needs? More bowing.

2) I’ve got to hurry home. I don’t want to miss Parker Spitzer!

1) Now that I think about it, that liberal was right: I am a racist who doesn’t care about poor people!

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