The Top 10 Worst Things You Can Say on a First Date Part 2

10) You look so good you make me want to get a job.

9) If we’re stopped by the cops this is your brother’s car and you don’t know what’s in the trunk!

8) There’s 3 words I want to tell you….”You’re Too Fat.”

7) Remember when the stripper comes over I do the tipping.

6) Wow, you kiss like my sister.

5) My wife doesn’t mind that I have boyfriends. They usually babysit the kids when I take her out.

4) You remind me of my uncle who raped me when I was 15. But I really kind of teased him and seduced him into it. I ended up enjoying it. Is that strange?

3) The ladies don’t call me “smooth” for nuthin…

2) I usually date attractive girls, but I’ve decided I really should be with someone more like you.

1) Let’s cut to the chase much?

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