Video: One Genius Way To Keep Your Dogs Busy For Hours!

Video: One Genius Way To Keep Your Dogs Busy For Hours!

This doesn’t require a lot of introduction.

greyhound treat machine

It’s no secret that Greyhounds, Dobermans, German Shepherds and other athletic dogs needs a great deal of physical stimulation to stay happy. However, these are also extremely intelligent dogs and they require plenty of mental stimulation, as well. This is what can often be the most challenging.

The body follows what the mind thinks. Sometimes, with an intelligent and exuberant breed, it can be more effective to exercise the mind than the body for the purpose of helping the dog feel content and become more docile and well-behaved. There are many different puzzle-type devices that are readily available for purchase these days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the powers of your mind to create your own! That is just what this person did for his two Greyhounds. He created a puzzle for dogs, and I love the results!

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Here’s the video…

What’s fun about the various dog treat/play machines which have made their way onto YouTube (there are tons of them which shoot tennis balls down a hall after the pooch drops them into a bucket, for example) is how quickly the dogs in question figure out how to use them. Dogs might not be the smartest animals on the planet, but where mechanical inclination is concerned they do pretty well.

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