Video: SNL mocks desperate liberals begging Electoral College for Hillary votes

Video: SNL mocks desperate liberals begging Electoral College for Hillary votes

I am not sure whether to laugh, cry or get ticked. My first instinct is that this is funny… but then I remember, if you have to think about humor, it’s not really that funny. SNL did a skit depicting Hillary Clinton going to the door of an elector who is voting for Trump tomorrow and then trying to sway her vote. First with everything Hillary, then humor, then a bribe. In the end, she says Donald Trump will kill us all. Gee, I think she’s confused. That was her shtick. Leftists are soooo desperate about tomorrow. Don’t worry your little heads, boys and girls, Donald Trump will be officially the 45th President of the United States after tomorrow.

This was meant to mock Trump… instead, it showed just how pathetic Hillary and the left really are. It brutally illustrated how Clinton can’t relate to normal human beings and why she lost. She just can’t believe she has actually lost to someone like Donald Trump. Well, she did and she needs to face reality and just go off into the commie sunset. This elector bull poop is tiresome and is not going to work. The left has tried every trick they had and none of them will succeed in keeping Trump from the presidency. Good times.


From Louder from Crowder:

As we get closer to the electoral vote, leftists are getting more and desperate (see Sore Loser Liberals Threaten Republican Elector. He Has None of It! and WATCH: Dumbass Celebrity Has-Beens DEMAND Electoral College Blocks Trump). To mock the panic, SNL recruited “Hillary” and the movie Love Actually

Here’s why Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Hillary Clinton is so brutally effective. I’m fairly certain the SNL writers wrote this sketch to mock Trump. Yet, just by looking at “Hillary,” it reminds you of the actual Hillary being out of touch and desperate. It’s like Jon Lovitz “I Can’t Believe I’m Losing To This Guy” take on Mike Dukakis (Google it kids), only turned up to eleventy.

Which says nothing of just how pathetic the left has gotten trying to steal and delegitimize Trump’s win. Let’s say, purely for the poops and giggles, that they do steal the election. That the electors do overturn the will of the people. Where are we as a country then?

Hint: no place good. Remember, these same liberals were demanding Donald Trump accept the election results after November 8. Apparently they only meant to accept the results if it resulted in their winning. Because since November 8th, the left has thrown everything at Trump, including a kitchen sink made in Russia. Talk about desperate.

The left has claimed that Russia has thrown the election to Trump. Not true. They have claimed Trump lost the popular vote and I strongly disagree with that, but regardless, he won where it counted… with the electors. As far as Trump picking a fight with the Chinese… he didn’t do that either. He put them in their place with a show of strength. That’s called being presidential… Obama’s non-response is called being weak and ineffectual.

First, Mooch says there is no hope in America anymore because Trump will now be President. Now, SNL jokes that Trump will kill us all. Even after the electors vote Trump in tomorrow and he is inaugurated on Jan. 20th, these same hacks are going to scream during Trump’s entire presidency that he is an illegitimate leader. I suggest you ignore all of them, just as Trump is. The left will try force, begging, bribing and lying… but they are done for. We now enter the Trump era with Republicans controlling not only both Houses of Congress, but the White House as well. Let the wailing and tantrums continue, the grownups have finally arrived.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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