Weatherman Loses it Live on the Air, for THIS Hilarious Reason [VIDEO]

Weatherman Loses it Live on the Air, for THIS Hilarious Reason [VIDEO]

Now, that’s funny. Heh. Bryan Hughes, who is a weatherman in West Virginia at WOWK-TV, was doing his thing with the weather when he screamed just like a girl. Evidently, a big ole spider crawled on the lens of the weather cam and it caught him off guard. I can relate. Here in Oklahoma, we have wolf spiders big enough to lasso and ride… and I’m not kidding. One of them chased one of our cats on the patio. That’s how big they are. Both houses we have lived in here had to be de-spidered. The things are massively creepy and scary as hell. Laugh if you want… but a close encounter with one of those things will make you scream like a girl too.


From TheBlaze:

The video of a West Virginia meteorologist reacting to a spider that appeared on his weather map during a live report this week has gained international attention and thousands of shares on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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WOWK-TV’s Bryan Hughes let out a shrill scream after noticing the large black spider that apparently crawled across the camera lens just as he was about to deliver Thursday’s forecast.

“Ahh! Geez Louise!” he screamed when he saw the spider, which appeared much bigger when projected onto the screen.

“Why did that just happen? I nearly lost my lunch!” an exasperated-but-amused Hughes continued. “Oh man, saints alive, we’ve gotta get out there and kill those things.”

After WOWK posted a video of the broadcast online, the clip quickly became a viral hit. As the video spread across the Internet, Hughes tweeted that he “couldn’t help” the reaction he had. “Honestly! I screamed like a little girl,” he wrote. “Now, where’s the matches and gasoline?” So, very funny. I’m sure he couldn’t help it… who could? Be honest. It even gained the attention of the BBC, who engaged in some friendly banter. “Our @bbcweather presenters are made of tougher stuff!” the British outlet joked. Hughes dared them to a spider face-off. I dare them to come to Oklahoma and tango with ours… and they are everywhere. Let’s see if you are man enough to take on Okie spiders. I highly doubt it. Amateurs – they’ll need Depends after a face-off here. I guarantee it.




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