You Wouldn’t Expect Your Wedding Ceremony To Be Interrupted By An “I Need A Poo,” But…

…that’s what this groom-to-be got at the altar from his son.

From Down Under

A wedding ceremony has been interrupted by a toddler who desperately needed to make his way to the bathroom for a number two.

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The betrothed couple from south Australia were leading up to say their ‘I dos’ when their three-year-old son tugged at his father Ben Lienert’s arm and proclaimed for all to hear: ‘I need a poo!’

The hilarious moment was captured on camera, and the amused bride uploaded the video to YouTube, where it has so far had over 720,000 views.

After the unceremonious interruption. the bridal party are seen throwing back their heads in laughter as bride Hannah Lienert asks, ‘What just happened?’

The boy was quickly whisked away amid the laughter when his aunt takes his hand and rushes him to the bathroom.

Here’s the video, which that poor kid will NEVER live down (unless Ben and Hannah get divorced, in which case it will likely be seen as an omen)…

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