Bobby Jindal: We Should Arrest Mayors of Sanctuary Cities as Accessories to Illegal Alien Crime

Bobby Jindal: We Should Arrest Mayors of Sanctuary Cities as Accessories to Illegal Alien Crime

The illegal immigration lobby is going to be furious when they hear about Bobby Jindal’s new plan. He’s announced that he wants to see mayors of sanctuary cities arrested as accessories to the crimes committed by illegal aliens.


“Absolutely, I would hold them as an accomplice,” Jindal said on Boston Herald Radio on Monday morning, as reported by BuzzFeed, Jindal said of mayors of sanctuary cities. “Make them criminally culpable. I’d also make them civilly liable so that families, victims’ families could sue. Especially if the prosecutor isn’t taking action or the mayor’s not changing their ways, I’d allow the families to go to court as well to recover damages.”

In late July, Jindal released a detailed plan—his “Partners In Crime Plan”—to hold officials in sanctuary cities accountable for what they have done.

The plan calls first for Congress to “criminalize” sanctuary cities existing by “making city officials that enact those policies as an accessory to the crimes committed by the illegal aliens those policies enabled.”

Secondly, Jindal’s plan would have Congress give “standing to victims and their families to civilly sue local, state, and federal officials for failing to enforce the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) or failing to bring criminal charges of accessory against public officials that enact these policies.”

Jindal said his idea, which goes further than defunding, is necessary because the institutional left will argue defunding hurts disadvantaged people.

“Many have argued that Congress should attempt to defund these cities. Defunding is a good idea, but the Left will simply argue that withholding federal funds will hurt the most disadvantaged citizens,” Jindal said in a statement announcing his plan late last week. “My plan will hit these lawless city leaders where it hurts by holding them directly accountable for crimes. If on their watch, an illegal immigrant breaks the law, we will count sanctuary city leaders as accessories and force them to pay for these crimes. Sanctuary City leaders are flouting the laws of the United States and that is unacceptable.”

Jindal makes a good point — people like Kathryn Steinle are killed because these mayors look the other way as illegal aliens commit crimes. It’s long past time for them to be held accountable.

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