Despite Jump In Border Crossings, Numbers Are Well Below 2016

Despite Jump In Border Crossings, Numbers Are Well Below 2016

If you want to deter crime, is it best to make lots and lots of arrests after the crimes have occurred, or find a way to deter people from committing the crimes in the first place? That’s correct, you attempt to dissuade people from doing it first. Hence, a huge part of the plan Trump and his team have initiated is to cause the fear that has dramatically reduced the flow of illegals entering this country. Going after all illegals, not just the serious criminals. Detaining them almost anywhere. Making few exceptions. Going after the sanctuary jurisdictions that shelter illegals. How’s this all working out?

(Daily Caller) Arrests of illegal aliens along the U.S.-Mexico border ticked up in June but remained well below the number recorded in the same month last year, according to government figures released Friday.

Data from Customs and Border Protection shows that 21,659 people were arrested trying to illegally cross the Southwest border last month, a 9 percent jump from May, when the total was 19,962.

Even with the rise, June arrests were down 53 percent year-over-year. CBP also reported that year-to-date arrests at the border are 19 percent lower in FY2017 than the same period in FY2016. The figures include both apprehensions by Border Patrol agents and individuals deemed inadmissible at points of entry.

In fact, every month Trump has been in office has been much lower than every year since 2012 (from the link in the excerpt)

Overall, border crossings are on track to be 21% less than 2016.

The month-to-month uptick for June, the second straight month that arrests have risen, bucks a six-year trend in which immigration arrests have declined from May to June. While it is too early to tell if the recent increase marks the beginning of a bigger surge, the rising arrest figures could give the Trump administration fresh ammunition to argue for its border security agenda, especially the president’s call to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border

On the other hand, the border wall could become a victim of Trump’s initial success in reducing the flow of illegal immigration across the Southwest border. The total number of apprehensions at the border and ports of entry has fallen to a six-year low in each of the five full months since Trump took office, causing some lawmakers to question whether an uninterrupted, border-spanning barrier is necessary.

That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time. Heck, Ann Coulter used to say this, prior to her falling in love with Trump for him saying he would build a beautiful wall. If Team Trump would next go after private entities for sheltering illegals (they don’t have to even prosecute, just threaten prosecution, perhaps with a few examples of prosecution of 8 US Code 1324), go hard after companies that hire illegals, go hard after those who overstayed their visas, and continue the tough talk on illegals, plus other tough measures, it would not only continue the serious drop in the flow of illegals, but get many to self deport. It would reduce the number who attempt to come and be let in. A wall would only be needed in a few areas, relying more on manpower.

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