DHS Head Jeh Johnson Wants Immigration To Respect Sanctity Of Family

When I mention that it is not the immigration system that is broken, but the politicians, this is what I’m referring to

(CNS News) Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, asked by President Obama to review U.S. deportation policy in the face of congressional inaction, says he is “looking for ways to more effectively enforce and administer our immigration laws.”

“Immigration laws or any other law needs to comport with American values. One of those American values is respect for human dignity. I also believe one of those American values is respect for the sanctity of the family unit,” Johnson said in an interview that aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“None of what I can do, however, is a substitute for action by Congress. We have an immigration system in this country that is not working. Comprehensive immigration reform would fix it. This is something we need to do. I’m confident that it will happen.”

It is the job of Obama and Johnson to simply enforce existing law. Period. What they mean by “more effectively enforce and administer” is to pick and choose who gets deported. All should be deported. Period. People made a choice to come to America illegally or overstay their visas. A main American value is being a Nation Of Law, not a Nation Of Men, meaning follow the law, not your feelings and whims

One of the founding principles of the US is that it is to be a nation of laws, not men. The flaws of the European history of power emanating from royalty and then passing down to the nobility and, via personal preferment, to court courtiers was all too real to the founders. (it’s a good essay in full, even though kinda whiny about Bush and Republicans)

Parents who are illegals made the choice to bring their kids and/or birth them in the U.S., creating anchor babies. They are welcome to bring them back to their home countries. These illegals don’t seem to care about our American values. They so often refuse to attempt to be a part of America. So many do not speak English, and demand that we speak their language, particularly Spanish. They steal social security numbers, causing hardship to Americans. They demand we educate them, provide them with social services, gum up our emergency rooms, even causing ERs to close. They jam up our prison system with their crimes. They put our citizens in danger with their gangs. So many tell us they do not like America, and then they demand that we give them stuff, including citizenship. Illegals have no one but themselves to blame.

As far as Obama and Johnson go, follow the law. Period. You are not royalty, nobility, nor courtiers.

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