Did You Get Your ‘Amnesty Bonus’? The IRS Defends Obama’s Refunds to Illegals (VIDEO)

Did You Get Your ‘Amnesty Bonus’? The IRS Defends Obama’s Refunds to Illegals (VIDEO)

Apparently, it isn’t good enough for Obama to allow illegal aliens to come here and break our laws and get away with it, scot-free. No, under the Obama administration, the IRS has to give them tax refunds that they haven’t earned, too.

John Koskinen

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen defended the refunds in a letter to Congress last week, writing that because illegal immigrants can now apply for a Social Security number under President Obama’s executive amnesty, they can then turn around and apply for the earned income tax credit – even if they didn’t earn it.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Van Susteren Monday that the refunds are being called “amnesty bonuses.”

“Explain to me how someone who didn’t pay taxes, didn’t file, can be getting what I refer to as free money from the IRS,” Van Susteren said.

Jordan explained they call it the “amnesty bonus” because someone may actually owe taxes but would still be able to get the refund.

The liberal refunds are a direct result from Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty which provides Social Security numbers for as many as 5 million illegal aliens. All of whom could be eligible for the IRS amnesty bonus according to Jordan.

So countless taxpayers are punished for being successful, and made to shell out thousands of dollars to the IRS. But illegal immigrants, who have no right to live in this country at all, let alone get taxpayer money, will be getting thousands of dollars. In what world does that make any sense?

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