DOJ Fires Back At Chicago Over Threatened Lawsuit About Illegal Aliens

DOJ Fires Back At Chicago Over Threatened Lawsuit About Illegal Aliens

Supporters of illegal aliens tend to refer to them as “undocumented immigrants”. Perhaps we should refer to the as “trespassing immigrants,” because, if they were trespassing on the property of illegal alien supporters, they’d call the cops and have them removed. Regardless, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who oversaw a 14 year old boy shot dead Sunday (among other shootings), states that the city will file a lawsuit today to protect $3.2 million that the city receives from Los Federales. The money is under threat because Chicago is a sanctuary jurisdiction.

(Fox News) The Justice Department called out the mayor in its response. “In 2016, more Chicagoans were murdered than in New York City and Los Angeles combined. So it’s especially tragic that the mayor is less concerned with that staggering figure than he is spending time and taxpayer money protecting criminal aliens and putting Chicago’s law enforcement at greater risk,” department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Furthermore, the DOJ hasn’t actually withheld any money, so, this is more about grandstanding, as the suit will probably be dismissed out of hand. Regardless, Chicago should be more concerned with the crime in its city than protecting people who Rahm would have arrested if they decided to camp in his back yard for trespassing.

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A requirement added to the application would force local jurisdictions to report to federal officials about the release of illegal immigrants from police custody at least 48 hours in advance.

According to the Sun-Times, former high-ranking Justice Department lawyer Ed Siskel, now Chicago Corporation Counsel, doesn’t believe Sessions has the authority to change the requirements of the federal grand program because it was created by Congress, and doesn’t believe he can force local law enforcement officials to comply with federal immigration policy.

Does this also mean that local law enforcement doesn’t have to comply with federal law on, say, kidnappings? Or that citizens do not have to comply with federal law on Obamacare? Cities cannot pick and choose which federal laws they will adhere to.

Billy J. Williams, the United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, makes many good points regarding trespassing immigrants and sanctuary jurisdictions, in the aftermath of an illegal alien sexually assaulting and harming senior citizens in Portland

Right now, there are sheriffs who do not notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement when they arrest illegal aliens. Some sheriffs do not disclose basic identifying information such as booking photos, fingerprints, and addresses. Some sheriffs, even after receiving an ICE detainer, will not notify ICE of an impending release.

Some sheriffs suggest that, short of ICE agents obtaining a federal criminal arrest warrant, they do not have any legal obligation to share information or hold an individual in custody who is subject to a detainer. This requirement is inherently unreasonable as illegal aliens are frequently held for only a matter of hours. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to obtain a federal criminal arrest warrant without basic identifying information.

Simply put, Oregon’s sanctuary status declaration directly contravenes federal immigration law and threatens public safety. This has put many sheriffs in the position of choosing whether to violate state or federal law. It’s an untenable position. The Department of Justice takes this issue very seriously and has begun to take steps to correct it.

Perhaps it is high time to hold law enforcement and law makers legally responsible for crimes committed by illegal aliens they let go, with lots and lots of lawsuits. The funny (not ha ha funny) thing is that the majority of time, it is people who support trespassing immigrants in sanctuary jurisdictions who are harmed by trespassing immigrants committing crimes against the people who support trespassing immigrants.

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