Feds Prepare Luxury Resort for Influx of Welfare Colonists

It’s no secret why the vast hordes of welfare colonists swarming up from Central America (and from unknown points beyond) are willing to make the trip to the deliberately undefended US border. Check out the accommodations that await them:


Via Gateway Pundit:

The Obama administration has awarded a $50 million contract to a charitable group to buy a Texas resort hotel and transform it in to a 600 bed facility for juvenile illegal aliens.

That’s $50 million annually.

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The Palm Aire Hotel and Suites is set to be sold to Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) operating under a federal contract, pending local government approval, according to reports from Weslaco, Texas where the hotel is located. Weslaco is a few miles north of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County.

The resort hotel for illegal alien children is reportedly the ‘first in the nation’.

Considering that nothing worth mentioning has been done to arrest the invasion, it won’t be the last.

The Palm Aire includes tennis courts, a laundromat and a snack bar.

No doubt the snack bar will honor EBT cards. Where would illegal alien children of all ages get money if not from us?

The Palm Aire Hotel and Suites currently advertises amenities such as two outdoor swimming pools–one Olympic sized–Jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, two racquetball courts, outdoor tennis courts, picnic area with grills and a fitness center with twenty machines and free weights.

A luxurious fitness center is on site at the Weslaco Palm Aire Hotel and Suites. Guests can also wind down in the sauna after a long trip.

Attracted to the space for outdoor recreation at the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites, BCFS spoke of building a soccer field at the hotel and adding a perimeter fence.

The soccer field is a great idea. It will allow the downtrodden colonists to put Glenn Beck’s soccer balls to use.

BCFS plans to employ 650 people at the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites, which would mean slightly over one worker per illegal alien child. According to the BCSF Website, the charity’s jobs pay from $10 to $45 per hour.

Who says the Obama Regime has done nothing to mitigate the plummeting labor participation rate? If every illegal alien is assigned one American servant, we will have full employment in no time.

Don’t worry that we don’t have the money. If our wise and benevolent rulers don’t care, why should you?

An extra advantage of the luxury resort is it will keep the disease-bearing invaders isolated from the country at large.

BCFS plans for the facility to be “completely self-contained” with [Krista Piferrer, BCFS VP External Affairs] telling KRGV-TV, ‘medical staff will be on hand so children with diseases or injuries will not be transferred to local hospitals.’

This isolation has the added advantage of possibly preventing the American public from boiling over with rage. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. While our conquerors are munching snacks and soaking in the Jacuzzi, we can forget all about them as we keep busy trying to generate the tax revenue to pay for their extravagant indulgences.

Now we know how Obama will spend the $3.7 billion in emergency funding he has demanded to address the crisis his policies created.

While we work, they will work out.

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