Fish Wrap: Passing Comprehensive Immigration Will Increase Security And Rule Of Law

I’ve been following politics for a long, long time, well before Al Gore’s Internet became a big hit and allowed the average citizen to put their opinion out there, and for the life of me I still don’t understand the serious mental machinations that Liberals go through to come up with mule fritters like this from the anonymous editorial board

Immigration and Fear

On the main Opinions page, this is positioned as “Want a safer country and stronger rule of law? Pass comprehensive immigration reform.” Because nothing says “rule of law” by legalizing people who broke the law.

Much of the country was still waking up to the mayhem and confusion outside Boston on Friday morning when Senator Charles Grassley decided to link the hunt for terrorist bombers to immigration reform.

“How can individuals evade authorities and plan such attacks on our soil?” asked Mr. Grassley, the Iowa Republican, at the beginning of a hearing on the Senate’s immigration bill. “How can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the U.S.?”

What the Fish Wrap misses is that Chuck Grassley was talking about legal immigration and how to look out for crazies like the Boston Bombers, not the people who come across the borders and that the Left (and some squishy Republicans) want to create a pathway to citizenship for.

Until the bombing came along, the antis were running out of arguments. They cannot rail against “illegals,” since the bill is all about making things legal and upright, with registration, fines and fees. They cannot argue seriously that reform is bad for business: turning a shadow population of anonymous, underpaid laborers into on-the-books employees and taxpayers, with papers and workplace protections, will only help the economy grow.

Au contraire, we have plenty of arguments, but, there is absolutely no need to manufacture any more. The same ones work perfectly well. Does a mother come up with new arguments to use on a 5 year who wants cookies before dinner? No. And our arguments against giving illegals a pathway to citizenship are just as valid.

But, I am amused by the “making things legal and upright”, as if making people who broke our laws legal is peachy keen. We aren’t talking about someone who was ticketed for speeding: we’re talking about people who intentionally broke our sovereignty, who may be violent criminals, who may have stolen Social Security numbers and people’s identities, ruining those people’s lives. We’re talking about people who use and abuse our social systems, costing the taxpayer money, and have demanded that America kowtow to them with things like signs, forms and such in Spanish, providing education to their kids, free healthcare, and so forth. Yet so many do not bother to attempt to be a part of America. They do not bother learning English, but expect American’s to learn Spanish. They drive with no license or insurance and harm or kill US citizens. Is it any wonder many Americans are annoyed by illegals (obviously, all that doesn’t apply to all illegals, and many are people who have overstayed their visas).

And once they’re on a pathway to citizenship, how will it help the economy to put another 11 million or so into an already crummy Obama economy, competing for the limited pool of jobs?

There is a better way to be safer: pass an immigration bill. If terrorists, drug traffickers and gangbangers are sharp needles in the immigrant haystack, then shrink the haystack. Get 11 million people on the books. Find out who they are.

Newsflash for the Times: the bad people will not come out of the dark, and this will simply provide an incentive for more illegals to come.

And if we are serious about making America safer, why not divert some of the billions now lavished on the border to agencies fighting gangs, drugs, illegal guns and workplace abuse? Or to community policing and English-language classes, so immigrants can more readily cooperate with law enforcement? Why not make immigrants feel safer and invested in their neighborhoods, so they don’t fear and shun the police? Why not stop outsourcing immigration policing to local sheriffs who chase traffic offenders and janitors?

And boom, there you go, the Fish Wrap wants to not only legalize the illegal aliens, but open up the border, forgetting that the only way conservatives will go along with any of these schemes is to secure the borders so we do not have to deal with this again 20 years in the future. All they want is to create more Democrat voters and more people dependent on The Government.

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