Gang Of 8 Immigration Bill Could Protect Those With Rap Sheets

It seems every day brings a new revelation regarding the Senate amnesty immigration bill, none of them good. Here’s another one

(Fox News) With more than 11 million illegal immigrants living in the so-called “shadows,” immigration reform supporters say legalizing the group will make America safer. But opponents of the current Senate bill claim a provision requiring background checks for those illegal immigrants is so weak that it would actually protect criminals and gang members.

Their concern is with a clause that would, during the background check process, prohibit immigration officials from forwarding criminal histories to law enforcement for deportation purposes.

“The idea is we are supposed to be weeding out the bad apples,” said Steven Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies. “But the big problem with the bill is it does not require those denied the amnesty to leave the country. In fact, a confidentiality provision in the bill prevents law enforcement from using information in the application to go find you.”

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They won’t be eligible for naturalization nor even coming out of the shadows, but the authorities that find criminal issues, which can be as little as 3 misdemeanors, will not face deportation. And, really, said authorities might be able to ignore the criminal rap sheets of these illegals. Illegal alien supports are saying that those with minor crimes on their record (who really should have already been sent packing), old felonies, or gang affiliations should be allowed to apply for amnesty citizenship, because, well, just because.

Other controversial provisions allow some illegal immigrants already deported to come back, if they are a spouse, parent, or child of a U.S. citizen. The Senate bill also effectively halts deportations during the legalization process by allowing illegal aliens apprehended before or during the application process to be provided an opportunity to apply for provisional status. This means they cannot be removed until their application is adjudicated.

I really can’t figure out what Republicans like Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake are thinking. We expect this out of John McCain and Lindsay Graham, but Rubio is either a complete McCain/Graham squish or utterly naive. Everything in this bill is designed to provide amnesty to as many illegals as possible as quickly as possible, along with bringing up to 17 million family members to the US. Thirteen year waiting period? Good luck with that. They’ll be naturalized much quicker. Learn to speak English? Won’t be enforced, particularly once the amnesty proponents start crying “racism.” E-Verify? Won’t be enforced. The border? Lip service. Government benefits denied? That provision will be ignored. Mechanisms to make sure that the US doesn’t go through this again? Good luck with that. Much like Obamacare, where enormous power and discretion is left in the hands of the director of Health and Human Services, this bill puts enormous power and discretion in the hands of the director of Homeland Security.

This is all about making as many illegals new citizens who become Democrat Party voters as quickly as possible, while creating a situation where illegals continue to stream across the border and overstay their visas to become future Dem voters.. Nothing else.

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