Good News: Secret Service Installing More Spikes On White House Fence

Gotta keep the peasants away from the aristocracy, ya know

(Fox News) The Secret Service is adding a second layer of steel spikes to the top of the White House fence to keep would-be intruders at bay, according to a proposal submitted to the National Capitol Planning Commission.

The steel “pencil point” spikes will be snapped into place at the top of the fence and protrude outward, according to a diagram included in the proposal submitted for the Secret Service by that National Park Service. The commission approved the proposal at a hearing Thursday afternoon.

The spikes will be added to the fence along the north and south sides of the White House grounds starting Friday, the Secret Service and National Park Service said in a statement Thursday.

And not just spikes

The Secret Service will also start work Friday on changes to vehicle checkpoints at the White House complex. The agency said the work will include work to officer booths. Security changes at the checkpoints are expected to be completed in early July.

Interesting. There is an apparent need to deter the occasional fence jumper with spikes that could skewer the body when it comes to the White House, yet, the guy who is in charge of the White House (along with Democrats and some Republicans) is against securing our southern border against an invasion of illegal aliens with a full fence. He’d rather just have some roving patrols which can catch a few border jumpers now and then. But, is apparently very upset when a few folks jump the WH fence.

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