Do-Gooder Students Assist Invaders as They Pour Across Border

Do-Gooder Students Assist Invaders as They Pour Across Border

When large numbers of foreigners cross the border into our country in deliberate violation of our laws, they are not “immigrants,” but invaders. There was a time when most any American would consider it a contemptible act of treason to assist invaders at the expense their own country. But that time is long past in the moonbat realm of academia:

A group of Northern Arizona University students has partnered with a local humanitarian organization known as “No More Deaths” to bring aid to illegal immigrants crossing the border.

According to a GoFundMe page for the trip, the students will “walk miles through remote corridors into which migration has been pushed, leaving water, food, socks, blankets, and other supplies” for immigrants crossing the border illegally.

What, no mention of voter registration forms?

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Notably, No More Deaths (a.k.a., No Mas Muertes) was listed as an official student organization for the 2016-2017 academic year, meaning it is eligible to request funding from student government and reserve space on campus, though organizers claim that the border trip is being funded entirely through donations and fundraising events.

They also claim that they are not directly violating any laws because they are not “transporting a migrant or directly telling them where to go.” However, they are obviously assisting and abetting the violation of our laws and our sovereignty.

According to liberal dogma, those who pour across the underdefended border just want to work and provide better lives for their families. The vicious gangs that transport drugs across the border are downplayed. With luck, NAU do-gooders manage to wise up without encountering any of these gangs out in the lonely desert.

In the meantime, instead of free socks, maybe the moonbats should be passing out trash bags:

Trash left by illegal aliens sneaking into the USA.

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