GOP Moving Away From Path To Citizenship For Illegals

Well, this should drive Democrats nuts

(Washington Times) House Republicans are meeting Wednesday to hash out their own strategy on immigration, but already one major difference has emerged between them and their Senate counterparts – they are far less enthusiastic about an eventual path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Even many of the 32 Senate Republicans who voted against their immigration bill last month said they think a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants is necessary, and eventually likely. But in the House, that’s far from a majority stance.

“I believe any talk about a pathway to citizenship will only make the problem worse because our borders are open and you’re encouraging people to come here illegally,” said Rep. Lou Barletta, a Pennsylvania Republican who pioneered immigration crackdowns as a mayor before winning election to Congress.

He said the chief goal for Republicans when they huddle Wednesday afternoon to talk strategy should be to establish that immigration enforcement must come before anything else.

If there is any sort of a path to citizenship, it needs to come after strong border enforcement, implementation of methods to ensure that people are not overstaying their visas, and I would suggest a huge crackdown on those that hire illegals, implementing huge criminal and civil penalties. Couple this with allowing illegals to apply for temporary legal status, that has no more than a two year time frame. Then, offer a long term legal status for those who are willing to pay a fine and go through the citizenship process. Anyone applying must speak English, not just be enrolled in classes. The forms will be solely in English. They most have no high level misdemeanors on record, or any felonies, of course. They cannot be recidivists (in terms of being deported and coming back). They will not be allowed to bring their extended families. They will not be allowed any federal benefits.

Along with this, couple legal immigration for temporary workers to include making the hiring companies responsible for providing health insurance so our hospitals are not over-whelmed. Businesses, schools, etc, will be responsible for keeping track of the immigration status of temporary workers/students (hey, remember how that Saudi everyone thought was involved with the Boston bombing never ended up at his school?)

Of course, Republicans could go for the strictly enforcement route, and perhaps couple it with a temporary legalization method, and maybe even going for a DREAM act for kids of illegals, and tell Dems to go to hell,

For Democrats, the path to citizenship is non-negotiable as a part of the bill.

“Without a path to citizenship, there is not going to be a bill,” Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, said as he emerged from a meeting with House Democrats.

This is all Democrats care about. Border enforcement, limiting new illegals who are either border jumpers or have overstayed their visas, protecting our sovereignty, enforcing the law, none of these matter to Democrats. They simply want new Democrat voters. Their bill would legalize up to 11 million of these “undocumented immigrants” while allowing upwards of 17 million of their relatives to come to the US. But are there just 11 million? In the past we heard numbers upwards of 20 million illegals.

Obama has stated that he will not go with the small bills version, he only wants a huge comprehensive bill (which he won’t read). And if Democrats do not want to take up the House legislation, so be it. Then there’s no reason why the House should bother with the Senate bill (which could be unconstitutional as it supposedly raises revenue).


A new poll conducted by pollster John McLaughlin has found that 60% of Hispanic voters support amnesty only after the goal of stopping 90% of future illegal immigration has been achieved. Only 34% of Hispanic voters said they support an amnesty first plan similar to the Senate-passed S.744.

Weird, right?

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