HAHA! National “Day Without Immigrants” Protest Totally BACKFIRES In Totally Unexpected Way

HAHA! National “Day Without Immigrants” Protest Totally BACKFIRES In Totally Unexpected Way

Yesterday, the left was busy off on yet another insincere publicity stunt that took the form of “a day without immigrants.” Basically, some immigrants in this country went on strike to fight against Trump’s attempts to deport criminal illegal immigrants out of the country.

So this was the plan:

Prove to the racist President and his new Nazi supporters just how the country would purportedly come to a screeching halt if they were not here to keep it up and running…

Day Without Immigrants Texas

Before we go any further, can we make it clear that the left just refuses to make the differentiation between immigrant and illegal immigrant? One being very important to the history and growth of the country, and the other being very good at tax evasion and identity theft.

Much to the surprise of…well, no one that has half a brain, it would appear that not a single apocalyptic sign appeared in the sky during the protest event. Nope. All went on without a problem and most didn’t even realize that the immigration protest thingy was actually going on.

Even the New York Times basically acknowledged that the protest was more troublesome than anything else and that cities did NOT cease to function…like, at all.

February 16th marked a fascinating collection of two competing worldviews in the country these days.


On the one hand, illegal immigrants and their supporters avoided work to stage a “day without immigrants” in an endeavor to show how the country would seemingly grind to a halt if they were deported. On the other, President Trump signed a pivotal and much-needed piece of legislation configured to put thousands of coal miners back to work, earning a living for their families.

Folks, we have got to stop freaking out over every little thing that is going on in politics. It is making us sick! Just turn off the TV, put down the smart phone and go learn a new skill, spend time with your family, WORK! Anything that will keep you away from the crap-hole that is politics is time well spent these days.

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