HORROR: Mexican Cartel at US Border Does the UNTHINKABLE to Victim’s Dead Bodies [GRAPHIC]

HORROR: Mexican Cartel at US Border Does the UNTHINKABLE to Victim’s Dead Bodies [GRAPHIC]

Thanks to illegal immigration, violent Central American gang MS-13 is the fastest growing gang in the United States. Cartels are easily able to get over the border as well. And what these groups do is truly horrifying. A newly released video showing one cartel’s atrocities shows just why we need to be vigilant about keeping these groups out of the United States.


Breitbart Texas got a video of members of the Gulf Cartel getting ready to light the bodies of their murder victims on fire. Incinerating the bodies not only helps the cartels avoid detection, but it also allows the Mexican government to look the other way and pretend the crime isn’t happening.

In the video, which was recently removed from YouTube for its graphic content, a man holding a cell phone says he is a member of the Gulf Cartel, and that they are cooking “rats,” or rival members. In the background, other cartel members punch holes in 55-gallon drums and place the dismembered body parts of their victims in them. The man filming starts kicking the head of one of his victims like a soccer ball, while another member laughs about how they played soccer with the heads of children in a village.

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It is not clear where in Mexico the video was filmed, or when. But “cooking” is a frequently used method by cartels, with a rural community, La Bartolina, gaining the nickname of “The Kitchen” because it is so frequently used by cartels to “cook” their victims.

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