House Passes Kate’s Law Along With Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

House Passes Kate’s Law Along With Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Unsurprisingly, most Democrats voted against both bills

(CNN) House Republicans joined President Donald Trump on Thursday afternoon in declaring war on sanctuary cities — passing legislation targeting the cities’ funding while hammering a message of the dangers posed by undocumented immigrants.

Kate’s Law” is named for Kate Steinle, a young woman murdered on a busy walkway in San Francisco two years ago allegedly by an undocumented immigrant who was deported multiple times. It would increase maximum penalties for undocumented immigrants who repeatedly enter the country illegally after deportation, especially with criminal records. It passed 257-167.

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The “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” would expand what is required of cities regarding federal immigrant enforcement and allow the government to deny jurisdictions federal law enforcement funds if they don’t comply. It passed 228-195.

CNN forgets to mention that for the No Sanctuary bill, 188 of the 195 no votes were from Democrats. Only 3 Dems voted for the bill. For Republicans, Amash, Curbelo, Diaz-Balart, Donovan, King (NY), Reichert, and Ros-Lehtinen need to be targeted for being primaried.

For Kate’s Law, only 24 Democrats decided that it was a good idea to increase the penalties on criminal aliens who came back into the country after being deported. 166 voted against a law named for an American citizen murdered by a 5 time deported alien with a long criminal background. Justin Amash was the lone Republican to vote against it.

Democrats also slammed what they alleged was an effort to vilify undocumented immigrants, despite studies showing they are no more likely to commit crimes than the general population.

“This bill perpetuates the ugly myth that immigrants are more dangerous and more likely to commit crimes than native Americans,” New York Rep. Jerry Nadler said on the House floor. “This bill demonizes immigrants, punishes communities that seek to build trust between immigrants and law enforcement and allows indefinite detention, … all while making us less safe.”

The “undocumented” are committing a crime by being in the nation to start with. Why would law enforcement, tasked with, get this, enforcing law and stopping criminals, want to bond with a criminal element? As for indefinite detention, if Democrats would stop caterwauling about deporting people who shouldn’t be in the United States, the illegals would be held a short time and then sent packing.

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