ICE Plans Significant Targeting Of Businesses That Knowingly Hire Illegal Aliens

ICE Plans Significant Targeting Of Businesses That Knowingly Hire Illegal Aliens

If you look back in my archives, I’ve often written that I am not a big fan of a full length border wall: I’m a fan of doing things that dissincent people from coming to the U.S. illegally/overstaying their visas. One of those things is a crackdown on those who employ illegals. And it looks like ICE may well be about to do this

(Tucson Sentinel) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans to boost its efforts targeting businesses by “four to five times” and will prosecute employers who knowingly hire illegal workers, the acting director of the agency said Tuesday.

Thomas Homan said the goal of the new policy is to cut off the supply of jobs that will keep people coming here illegally “as long as they come and get a job.” (snip)

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Homan’s comments came during a speech Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation, where he criticized sanctuary cities and defended ICE’s practices of deporting immigrants who are suspected gang members, and arresting them near schools, hospitals, courthouses and other areas that have been off-limits in the past.

Homan stressed that except for immigrants who currently enjoy DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, protection, “nobody is off the table.” He said he hopes to send a message to those breaking the law that “we’re no longer going to turn our heads, we’re going to enforce the laws on the books.”

It’s a good start. Next up, the penalties for those who knowingly hire illegals/do not do their due diligence in hiring should be dramatically increased. Make it so painful, with civil and criminal penalties, that no one will take the chance of hiring an illegal.

Now, this article jumps into the notion of the use of E-verify, which is required in Arizona, but is not required everywhere else in the nation. President Trump and Director Homan would like to change that. The US Chamber of Commerce is rather leery of that (I wonder why?), and we have this from the illegal alien supporters

But immigration advocates said authorities should think twice before making E-Verify mandatory nationwide.

Immigrants are needed to fill manual labor jobs that Americans may not be willing to take, said Petra Falcon, executive director of the Latino voter outreach organization Promise Arizona. Rather than deporting them outright, Falcon said the government should work with employers to find a solution to keep them here.

“We need to solve that problem,” Falcon said. “We know that they’re here, we’re inviting them to come and work in the fields, in construction, in this economy and yet they’re not invited to receive the benefits of doing that in this country.”

Who’s this “we”? We give work permits to many migrant workers to come and work and then leave at the end of the permit. Sadly, many are inventivizing people to come illegally, and those companies need to pay a big price for enabling this lawless activity.

Falcon said she is disappointed but not surprised by the agency’s decision to ramp up workplace enforcement and said it is in step with the Trump administration’s rhetoric of “targeting the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Targeting people who are in violation of federal law? How rude!

Meanwhile, there are all sorts of sob stories out there of illegals being deported. Like this mom, who has kids!!!!! Oh, and committed  felony perjury when she lied on a driver’s license application. Her husband did the same, and was deported under Obama. And this Raleigh boxer, a DACA recipient. Who, whoops!, forgot to renew his DACA status. And many others. Do you know what is the common denominator? They committed actions that caused their own deportation orders. It’s their own fault, beyond also being in the U.S. illegally.

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