ICE Rounds Up 367 Illegals in ONE DAY!

ICE Rounds Up 367 Illegals in ONE DAY!

The Obama administration allowed illegal immigration to flourish, largely unchecked. Now, with Donald Trump in office, things are changing. His administration has cracked down on illegal immigration and last week, ICE detained a huge number of illegal immigrants in raids across the country.

Officials say that they detained 367 illegal immigrants in daily raids, in arrests announced starting Monday of last week. 153 illegal immigrants were arrested in south Texas in a 12-day operation last month. Then on Tuesday, ICE announced that 75 more illegal immigrants were arrested in north Texas following a three-day operation.

Wednesday, ICE revealed that operations were not just limited to Texas; 82 arrests were made in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, with 31 more arrests made in the New York City area over the course of three days. Thursday, they announced that 26 illegal immigrants were detained in Colorado and Wyoming.

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ICE has a Fugitive Operations division that does conduct raids every day, but the operations announced last week are less common. These operations consisted of multiple teams going into one city at the same time to find illegal immigrants, with a focus on a specific group: “criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives.” Critics, however, claim that people without records are also being arrested and deported.

ICE press releases about the raids pointed out that many of those arrested had committed violent crimes, such as rape, sex trafficking and child abuse. But again, critics say that the majority arrested were charged with non-violent offenses. 30 of 31 illegal immigrants arrested in New York City had a criminal record of some sort: 12 for DUIs, four had drug-possession related charges, one had been charged with heroin possession and four had fraud charges. While some used this as “proof” that these were not, as Trump called them, the “most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America,” it also serves as proof that ICE is, in fact, targeting illegal immigrants who are committing crimes, as opposed to those who, while they did immigrate here illegally, have otherwise been upstanding residents just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Dani Bennett, an ICE spokesperson, also pointed out that “individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs have long been considered by ICE to be a public safety threat and enforcement priority.”

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