Illegal Aliens Demand Americans Give Them Lower College Tuition

Illegal Aliens Demand Americans Give Them Lower College Tuition

Welcome to the bizarro world where people who should be deported for being in the country illegally are publicly protesting to get a better deal on tuition rates than American students from other states.

illegal aliens

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) – Dozens of undocumented students at Wake Technical Community College are pushing for changes to a policy that requires them to pay out-of-state tuition. The students are forced to pay the out-of-state fees, which are nearly four times the cost of in-state tuition, even if they graduated from a North Carolina high school and have been living in the state for some time. Five students were arrested at Thursday’s protest after repeated warnings to leave the campus. Wake Tech officials said the group didn’t file the proper paperwork to protest at the college. The five individuals, ranging in age from 17-27, are all charged with second-degree trespassing. Meanwhile, undocumented students moved their demonstration to the highway demanding equal tuition rights.

Know what irony is? It’s people who are in the country without papers being kicked off off campus not because they’re criminals who have no right to be in this country in the first place, but because they didn’t file the right paperwork for a protest.

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