Illegal Aliens Are Hiding In Fear Due To Team Trump Immigration Rules

Illegal Aliens Are Hiding In Fear Due To Team Trump Immigration Rules

Americans before illegals

They’re hiding so much that the NY Times knows who they are

Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’

No going to church, no going to the store. No doctor’s appointments for some, no school for others. No driving, period — not when a broken taillight could deliver the driver to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It is happening in the Central Valley of California, where undocumented immigrants pick the fields for survival wages but are keeping their children home from school; on Staten Island, where fewer day laborers haunt street corners in search of work; in West Phoenix’s Isaac School District, where 13 Latino students have dropped out in the past two weeks; and in the horse country of northern New Jersey, where one of the many undocumented grooms who muck out the stables is thinking of moving back to Honduras.

If deportation has always been a threat on paper for the 11 million people living in the country illegally, it rarely imperiled those who did not commit serious crimes. But with the Trump administration intent on curbing illegal immigration — two memos outlining the federal government’s plans to accelerate deportations were released Tuesday, another step toward making good on one of President Trump’s signature campaign pledges — that threat, for many people, has now begun to distort every movement.

It has driven one family from the local park where they used to play baseball in the evenings, and young men from a soccer field in Brooklyn where pickup games were once common.

Well, they should be fearful that they could be picked up and deported. They are unlawfully present in the United States. It’s an easy concept to understand, no explanation necessary. For the most part, though, most have nothing to fear if they do not violate other laws, bringing themselves to the attention of law enforcement. For those who have violated other laws….and don’t forget, the majority who have been swept up recently were those with serious criminal violations, such as sexual assault on minors….expect to be caught and deported.

It has kept Meli, 37, who arrived in Los Angeles from El Salvador more than 12 years ago, in a state of self-imposed house arrest, refusing to drive, fearing to leave her home, wondering how she will take her younger son, who is autistic, to doctor’s appointments.

Heck of a job hiding. Unless the NY Times is simply making this up.

The Times is also Very Concerned that this may handcuff police in fighting gangs

After five teenagers were found dead in this Long Island town last year, murdered by the members of a transnational gang with ties to El Salvador, a local problem turned into a national flash point, a referendum on illegal immigration.

Now, in the wake of President Trump’s broad executive orders on deporting undocumented immigrants, Suffolk County police officials are wrestling with a conundrum facing police departments across the country: how to shut down a violent gang when the immigrants they will need as witnesses and tipsters may be afraid to come forward.

The article finally gets around to noting that the gang in question is MS-13, considered to be the worst of the worst, and that the members tend to be, you got it, illegal aliens themselves. So, though, are on legal visas. There’s an obvious answer missing from the apoplectic Times: catch them, deport them, and then you do not have to worry about other illegal aliens coming forth. Control the borders so they cannot enter the nation, then travel thousands of miles to Long Island.

Interestingly, the article includes several pro-“deport the hell out them” comments, deep within, from legal immigrants. This would, again, remove the need for the cops to have issues with illegal gangs.

Then you have this from the Washington Post

As desperate asylum seekers continue to flee the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown by crossing into Canada, concern is growing here over whether the country will be able to cope if the number of migrants keeps growing.

Stories of migrants hauling children and suitcases across frozen fields and snow-covered ditches into Canada have become headline news. The asylum seekers, who are fleeing President Trump’s travel and refugee bans as well as stepped-up arrests of undocumented immigrants, have received warm welcomes. But opposition politicians are criticizing the government of Justin Trudeau for being too harsh or too lax in its approach.

Let them go. If Canada is willing to accept more and more illegals, that’s their problem. And it shows that Team Trump’s immigration rules are working. You make them fearful to be here, and fearful to come. If you want to come to the United States in a lawful manner, great! If you want to violate our borders or overstay your visa? Leave. Or just don’t come. Any fear these people feel is on their own heads. We do not get our collective national skivvies in a twist over worry that other criminals are living in fear. Nor should we over those unlawfully present.

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