Invasion by Underage Illegal Aliens Has Already Cost a Fortune

Getting colonized by children of all ages with the foreknowledge and collaboration of our government hasn’t been cheap:

The Obama administration paid a Texas-based group more than $182 million to provide shelter services for illegal immigrant children at two military facilities for four months this summer.

The Department of Health and Human Services paid the group, BCFS, nearly $76,000 per child to provide shelter at two 1,200-bed facilities maintained at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma, according to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, which received documents laying out the expenses through a Freedom of Information Act request.

An estimated 90,000 UACs entered the U.S. this year, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Apparently illiterate peasants from this region have been determined by the Regime to be the most likely to remain dependent on the government and therefore beholden to Democrats for generations to come.

Expenses for the 1,200-bed Fort Sill facility totaled $104,215,608. Another $77,914,178 was spent to maintain the 1,200-bed Lackland Air Force Base unit.

That works out to $86,846 that American taxpayers paid per bed at the Fort Sill facility, which operated between June 12 and Oct. 18.

If anyone needs to make up the difference between $86,846 and the $76,000 paid out by DHHS, it will be you, assuming you pay taxes.

The welfare colonists aren’t the only ones living high on the hog at your expense.

According to the documents Judicial Watch received, 30 “Incident Management Team” employees were paid a total of $2,648,800 in total compensation over the four month period. That works out to $88,293 per worker.

Not bad for a few months of work that most likely is not terribly demanding.

According to Judicial Watch, BCFS expensed $18.2 million to provide three meals and two snacks per day to the 1,200 UACs and 822 staff at the Fort Sill facility. That comes to $75 on meals per day over the 120-day period. As Judicial Watch notes in their press release, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that it costs around $10 per day to feed the average American teenager.

Thanks to ObamaCare, this same level of efficiency is now used to hold down the cost of health insurance.

These expenses are insignificant compared to the incalculable cost of importing an entire new underclass that will be a drain on every aspect of society for decades to come, if not permanently.

Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty decree guarantees that the invasion will soon go into overdrive.

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