Jindal Suggests Criminalizing Sanctuary Cities And Jailing Mayors Who Run Them

At the “kids’ table” debate yesterday, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal responded to a question about his position on illegal immigration by vigorously denying he’s ever been for amnesty. In a retort to statements made by former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum accusing Jindal of having a soft stance on the issue, Jindal went further – further, perhaps, than any candidate in the 2016 presidential race

“What I’ve also said is that we need to put an end to sanctuary cities. It’s not enough to defund them. I think we need to criminalize, accuse and jail those mayors as accessories for the crimes committed by people who shouldn’t be here.”

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There is some backstory here, as Jindal is locked in a series of controversies back home in Louisiana with the mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, and Landrieu is one of the mayors running a sanctuary city.

Either way, you can count this either as a Hail Mary attempt to garner attention for a struggling campaign, a gambit to foreclose any criticism of his stance on immigration as soft (it isn’t; despite what Santorum might say Jindal is as hard-line on immigration as anyone in the race) or an effort to troll the Left into giving him additional stature.

Back home in Louisiana, though, there are lots of folks snickering over the idea of Jindal getting Landrieu put in jail – something that is almost happening without the governor’s input whatsoever.

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