LIBERAL Journalist Goes To The US Border To Test Trump’s Theory – SHOCKED To Learn Results… [VIDEO]

LIBERAL Journalist Goes To The US Border To Test Trump’s Theory – SHOCKED To Learn Results… [VIDEO]

Esquire sent a journalist to the border in Arizona and found out… surprise, surprise… that people want a wall to keep illegal aliens and terrorists out. I’m not for Trump, but the one thing that may get him elected is his stance on the border, illegal aliens and refugee resettlement. That’s if he keeps his promises. Whereas I’m not for Trump, I am for a wall and for security on that border. I’m also for enforcing the laws that are on the books and cutting off their entitlements. This can be done and frankly, most of it has already been paid for. Even liberal journalists get it when they go down there and see it for themselves.


From Young Conservatives:

Esquire sent a journalist to Texas with orders to survey the people living along the border and ask them what they think needs to be done to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jay Fielden, recently appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to explain what happened when Esquire sent what host Joe Scarborough referred to as a “liberal journalist” to the Texas-Mexico border. Fielden said he instructed the reporter to “go down there with no preconceived notions, just an empty notebook.”

“They said, ‘Build the wall,’” Fielden said, adding, “Hispanic, Anglo, Democratic, Republican, uncommitted, clueless, whatever, they said, ‘We want a wall, and we want it tied to some compassion.’”

Obama doesn’t want a wall, because he wants the invasion. In fact, he would be cool with this whole continent resembling the European Union with no borders and no rights. The hypocrite-in=chief wants a higher fence around the White House though, so you see his desires are selective. The only thing that gives me pause here is the call for compassion. Yes, we should be compassionate… but legally and constitutionally. If America is to survive, we must stop the invasion and seal our borders. A country without borders is not sovereign… in fact, it’s no longer a country at all.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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