Major U.S. City DEFIES Trump To Become Sanctuary City; Mayor tells citizens to… [VIDEO]

Major U.S. City DEFIES Trump To Become Sanctuary City; Mayor tells citizens to… [VIDEO]

Los Angeles has officially given President Trump the middle finger over illegal immigration. Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared Los Angeles a sanctuary city. One of the largest cities in America is now openly refusing to cooperate with ICE and uphold the rule of law. Trump has threatened to cut off funding to sanctuary cities… he should immediately cut off all funding to Los Angeles over this. It’s the principle of the thing. Just do it.

Lawmakers in Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and Texas have introduced bills to penalize sanctuary cities. Yesterday, Mississippi became the first state to actually to do so and the governor said that he is going to sign that bill. I sure hope this process speeds up… it’s literally a matter of life and death here in the US now. Trump is now in the process of shifting around immigration judges in an attempt to speed up deportations, while border officials say Trump’s tough talk on immigration has already led to an “unprecedented” drop in illegal border crossings. Some say border crossings have dropped by as much as 50%.

From TheBlaze:

Los Angeles is known as a haven for illegal immigrants, and a new executive order from Mayor Eric Garcetti will cement that status while also snubbing President Donald Trump’s order to dismantle “sanctuary city” policies.

“Right now, the country is conflicted,” Fox News’ William La Jeunesse reported Wednesday. “You have cities and states across the U.S. going in different directions, and many like L.A. are defiantly telling the president they could care less about his immigration priorities.”

“L.A. already,” he explained, “prohibits police from even asking a suspect’s legal status. But last night, the city made it official. Despite the president’s executive order asking cities to help identify illegal immigrants, L.A. is officially their sanctuary from federal enforcement.”

The mayor declared to the media:

In Los Angeles, we don’t separate children from their families because it’s inhumane. In Los Angeles, we don’t demonize our hard-working neighbors just because they speak a different language or come from a different country. That’s un-American.

LA Mayor Garcetti’s Executive Order 20 describes law enforcement policy in relation to federal immigration law since Special Order 40 in 1978 when police were prohibited from asking a person’s immigration status during a police investigation. Garcetti’s order expands that prohibition to the fire department, the airport, the water port and to all other employees of the city. It also forbids any employee from giving any assistance to federal officers who might be enforcing the immigration law. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck claims this is being done because Latinos are reporting fewer crimes out of fear of dealing with the police and being deported. This is bull crap.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice said that this suggestion was “entirely speculative and irresponsible.” The rationale that having local law authorities assist in enforcing federal immigration law gets in the way of enforcing local law is one that many “sanctuary city” advocates use. California lawmakers are passing legislation that would prohibit cops and jails from even talking to ICE. That’s a direct violation of federal law. Now is the time to get serious with cities like Los Angeles and show them that defying the law really does have consequences.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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