New Law Allows Illegals To Practice Law In California…Yes, Really!

New Law Allows Illegals To Practice Law In California…Yes, Really!

This is so stupid it practically bends the space-time continuum, but it’s California; so what do you expect?


Illegal immigrants can be licensed to practice law in California under one of eight bills expanding immigrant rights that were signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday.

The California Supreme Court, which finalizes requests of applicants to be licensed as a lawyer in California, is now authorized to approve qualified applicants regardless of their immigration status.

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Other new laws prohibit law enforcement officials from detaining immigrants based on federal government instructions except in cases of serious crimes or convictions, and make it illegal for employers to retaliate against workers on the basis of their citizenship.

“While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead,” Brown said in a statement. “I’m not waiting.”

So, how do you defend someone from breaking the law in a California courtroom when you’re breaking the law by standing in a California courtroom? In a sane world, ICE would be waiting in the courtroom for an illegal lawyer to show up, then slap the cuffs on him, and deport him straight from there.

On the other hand, we don’t live in a sane world and California is already doomed. So maybe all these crazy laws will draw more illegals out of the rest of the country into a state before it goes bankrupt. Then, after the state goes belly-up, we can point to California as a prime example of what not to do before Rick Perry is sent in as a special envoy to teach Californians how to govern themselves.

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