NJ Supreme Court Justice Doesn’t Want Immigration Law Enforced In Place Of Law

NJ Supreme Court Justice Doesn’t Want Immigration Law Enforced In Place Of Law

Seriously, why would we want to enforce The Law in a courthouse? Not this Democrat appointed by another Democrat

(AP) Another high-ranking judge on Wednesday asked Republican President Donald Trump’s administration to avoid immigration arrests at state courthouses.

New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice Stuart Rabner noted in a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly that federal immigration officials recently arrested two people in New Jersey courthouses. The arrests, Rabner said, could cause witnesses to stay silent or domestic abuse victims to avoid court.

“A true system of justice must have the public’s confidence,” he wrote.

Rabner wants Kelly to add courthouses to a list of sensitive locations, including houses of worship and schools, recognized by immigration officials.

He went on to say that for years state officials have cooperated with federal detainer requests, but he said the practice of publicly arresting possible immigration violators “sends a chilling message.”

Why yes, it does send a chilling message to people who are unlawfully present in the United States and are in court to face charges of other criminal wrongdoing that they should get out of the United States. And, yes, a true system of justice must have the People’s confidence that The Law will be upheld in government places of Law. Like courthouses. Where Law is supposed to be practiced and enforced. And where criminals have to go through security, meaning most will have no weapons on them, making it safer for law enforcement to take the illegal in question into custody.

If Judge Rabner was following his oath, he’d have the illegals detained himself. If he doesn’t want to send a chilling message, he could separate the illegals away from the public, then have them detained and contact ICE himself.

As for DHS Secretary John Kelly

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Tuesday bluntly challenged members of Congress critical of the Trump administration’s aggressive approach to immigration enforcement to either change the laws or “shut up.” (snip)

“They (DHS employees, especially ICE) have been asked to do more with less, and less, and less,” Kelly said. “They are often ridiculed and insulted by public officials, and frequently convicted in the court of public opinion on unfounded allegations testified to by street lawyers and spokespersons.”

Kelly said the public and public officials should err on the side of assuming that the agency’s employees are acting within the law. And for members of Congress who don’t like the laws, Kelly said they “should have the courage and skill to change the laws. Otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines.”

You tell them, John! You should surge ICE agents to NJ, and arrest lots of illegals as they have their day in court for breaking laws.

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