NY Times Tells Cities To Violate Federal Law And Be Sanctuaries For Illegal Aliens,

NY Times Tells Cities To Violate Federal Law And Be Sanctuaries For Illegal Aliens,


Lawrence Downes is a long time member of the NY Times Editorial Board, whose focus is on immigration. One would think that he is aware of federal statues against sheltering people who are unlawfully present in the United States, and that federal immigration law takes precedence over state and local law. Yet, we get this bit of insanity, which tells other cities and states to follow the example of Santa Clara, Ca., and be sanctuary cities

A ‘Sanctuary City’ Seizes the Moment, and the Name

Cities of immigrants, it’s time. Time to declare yourselves sanctuaries. To wear the label proudly, defiantly, even if the White House and its allies threaten you and utter all kinds of falsehoods against you.

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President Trump is in power; his nativist ideology is now fully armed and operational. He laid it out with alarming clarity in his “America first” address to Congress this week, painting unauthorized immigrants as vicious criminals, and refugees as dangerous undesirables, using both groups as scapegoats and targets. The homeland security secretary, John Kelly, has given his boss a battle plan. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol are carrying it out, combing the country, seizing and terrifying the innocent.

If they’re “unauthorized”, that means they’re in the country illegally. Which means they shouldn’t be here. Which means they should be fearful, because they aren’t innocent. And a high ranking member of the NYTEB just proclaimed, in print, that cities should violate federal immigration law.

Now comes the typical lies and distortions

The sweeps, arrests and intimidation share a brutal randomness. A young “Dreamer” gives a news conference after her father and brother are detained — and is arrested herself. ICE stakes out a courthouse to grab a survivor of domestic violence. Border agents ask a planeload of passengers — on a domestic flight — to show their papers.

We still aren’t 100% sure why the first, Daniela Vargas, was detained, other than she allowed her DACA to lapse back in November, and, after a raid which saw her brother and father detained, an illegal handgun was found in the house.

The survivor of domestic violence? Ervin Gonzalez is a criminal absconder, having been deported six times and coming back illegally. Those deportations were for crimes including possession of stolen mail, false imprisonment and assault.

Border Agents were looking for a known criminal who was unlawfully present, and doing their jobs.

Is it any wonder the citizens distrust the media, when a screed like the above is published without the requisite information?

Many people are confused by the term “sanctuary city,” which has no strict definition. Mr. Trump uses it as an epithet to mean immigrant-loving communities that allow alien criminals to roam free. Used that way, the label is false; no city can suspend the rule of law or keep out the feds. But rather than tolerating such slander, cities should seize back the term, defining sanctuaries as places that stand for reason in the face of overreaching, unjust and often lawless federal enforcement.

They should do what Santa Ana, Calif., has done. It is a city of 335,000, in the heart of Orange County, whose City Council has passed one of the boldest and most far-reaching sanctuary ordinances in the state. In a county that has long been known as a haven of white Republicans, Santa Ana is a mixed-race, mixed-income, All-American town. Its population is about 46 percent immigrant, and its mayor and its six City Council members are all Latino.

The rest continues in the same vein: essentially, Downes recommends violations of federal law.

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