Pope Francis Speaks Out: Jesus Christ Himself Asks Us to Welcome Migrants

Pope Francis Speaks Out: Jesus Christ Himself Asks Us to Welcome Migrants

So sayeth the Red Pope. Sorry, I have no reverence for Pope Francis… he is an unmitigated Marxist. In fact, several dozen conservative Catholic scholars and clergy have charged Pope Francis with spreading heresy, a bold salvo against Francis and his reform-minded papacy. The widely publicized, theologically dense letter was delivered to the Pope with 40 signatures on August 11th, according to its organizers. It has since gained 22 more signatures and was released to the public last Saturday. In a press release, the organizers say they speak for “a large number” of clergy and lay Catholics who “lack freedom of speech.” The letter does not accuse the Pope himself of being a heretic, but of supporting “heretical positions” on “marriage, the moral life and the Eucharist.” Better add illegal immigration and refugees to that list.

Pope Francis is calling for a greater acceptance of migrants and refugees once more. He insists that it is Jesus Christ who urges us to welcome them. No, Christ was not a Marxist with a political agenda. He urged charity and caring for the poor, but he never said throw your borders open to your invaders and bow down. Greeting representatives of Caritas—an international Catholic outreach organization—after his weekly General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square, the Pope officially inaugurated the group’s “Share the Journey” campaign, established to offer solidarity with migrants everywhere. That is a globalist move and very dangerous.

“I welcome the migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who, together with the workers from Caritas Italy and other Catholic organizations, are the sign of a Church that tries to be open, inclusive and welcoming,” Francis said. I wonder if the Pope has words for all the rape victims of these refugees? Where’s his charity for those that are the victims of these so-called migrants? Does he have this much caring for those butchered by Islamists? Just how many refugees is the Vatican taking in? He thanked members of the organizations for their “untiring service” and asked the thousands gathered to give them a round of applause.

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“With your daily life,” he said, “you remind us that Christ himself asks us to welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open. That’s right, with arms wide open,” Francis continued, “ready for a sincere, affectionate and encompassing embrace, kind of like this Colonnade of Saint Peter’s Square, which represents the church as mother embracing everyone, sharing in the common journey.” The Pope was referring to the rows of columns flanking Saint Peter’s Square like two open arms, designed by Italian artist and architect Gianlorenzo Bernini. Yes, embrace your Islamic conquerers with arms wide open and be blessed upon your knees.

I have less than no patience for this crap. I respect Catholics and I adored Pope John Paul II. He would have been appalled by all this. It just would never have happened as he was forcefully for freedom and was a truly conservative pope.

Pope Francis greeted representatives of a number of other organizations engaged in providing assistance to migrants and refugees as he ended off. This pope is urging European nations to welcome in even more migrants, warning his followers to beware of the “intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia” that have sprung up around Europe. History will show that this pope condoned Islamists that butchered people as well as communists. He is rejecting national immigration policies that are designed to protect the cultural and religious identities of the peoples of Europe.

“I won’t hide my concern in the face of the signs of intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia that have arisen in different regions of Europe,” the pontiff said, which are “often fueled by reticence and fear of the other, the one who is different, the foreigner. I am worried still more by the sad awareness that our Catholic communities in Europe are not exempt from these reactions of defensiveness and rejection, justified by an unspecified ‘moral duty’ to conserve one’s original cultural and religious identity,” he said. This is not the true Catholic church I have always respected. This is collective salvation and the premise of liberation theology. It’s Marxism pure and simple.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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