Pro-Illegal Immigrant Groups Call For Radical Law Breaking To Get Their Way

When you cater to people who break the law, it should be no surprise when the bad guys push the envelope even further.


The frustration, say immigration advocates, is reaching a fever pitch.

That is why, many say, recent weeks have seen activists use chains and pipes to tie themselves to the tires of buses that carry immigrants slated for deportation to court, block traffic on Capitol Hill and get arrested, surround Tucson police when they targeted two immigrants during a traffic stop, and chain themselves and block the entrance of a federal detention center.

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More such actions, they vow, are coming.

“It’s absolutely out of frustration and impatience,” said Marisa Franco, campaign organizer for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which helped coordinate some of the more provocative actions. “Immigrant communities who are losing 1,100 loved ones every day to deportation cannot wait for Congress to end its political games or for the President to rediscover his moral compass,” she added.

“The people will take power back into their own hands and set a true example of leadership that the Beltway will have to follow,” Franco vowed.

The more radical approach to protesting the record number of deportations that have occurred under the Obama administration, and the stalled efforts in Congress to work on an immigration reform bill, differs from the more traditional nature of immigration demonstrations.

…Last Friday, the actions outside a federal courthouse in Tucson prompted a judge to cancel deportation proceedings.

Some 15 people were arrested after immigration rights activists blocked two buses bringing suspected illegal immigrants to a federal courthouse in Tucson. A few days later, on Tuesday, officers in Tucson pepper-sprayed members of a crowd trying to prevent U.S. Border Patrol agents from detaining two people who originally police encountered during a traffic stop.

The Tucson Police Department dispatched 100 officers to deal with protests at two locations, something that Sgt. Chris Wildmer told reporters entailed pulling them off patrols throughout the city.

“Something has to give,” he said, according to local media.

Demonstrators also have held hunger strikes and demonstrations outside offices of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, taking the battle right to the source.

The penalty for being in the United States illegally is deportation. That has been the penalty for a long, long time and if that penalty wasn’t in place, we’d lose the ability to control our own borders. After all, if the United States isn’t allowed to have a say in who enters our country, then anyone who can sneak across the border will be allowed to stay here. Moreover, why should legal immigrants jump through hoops, pay thousands of dollars, and wait patiently in other countries when illegal immigrants are being rewarded for their law breaking?

The problem we have in America isn’t that we’re deporting too many people; it’s that we’re not deporting enough. Every illegal alien who works is taking a job away from an American. Every illegal alien who gets food stamps or welfare on behalf of his child is leeching tax dollars that were paid by American citizens. Every American who is robbed, raped, or murdered by an illegal alien would have been fine if we enforced our immigration laws. Instead of encouraging illegals to break the law, it’s time to put Americans first and put an end to illegal immigration.

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