Sheriff Responsible for Kate Steinle’s Death Has License Suspended

Turns out there is still some vestigial rule of law in San Franfreakshow:

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s driver license has been suspended for failing to report a traffic accident that he was involved in last October.

Mirkarimi has been at the center of a debate over sanctuary city policies after a five-time deported, seven-time convicted felon illegal alien allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle at San Francisco’s Pier 14 last month.

The Sheriff’s department had requested and taken custody of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez prior to the shooting, and purposefully did not notify immigration authorities from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) upon his release from jail.

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Sheriff Mirkarimi has no regrets where his enabling of Kate Steinle’s senseless and easily preventable death is concerned.

Mirkarimi has defended his department’s release of Lopez-Sanchez despite massive public outcry. He told CNN’s Jake Tapper that sanctuary city policies “make us safer.”

Lopez-Sanchez has said that he chose San Francisco knowing that sanctuary city policies insulated him from deportation.

More background on Sheriff Mirkarimi:

At the time of Lopez-Sanchez’s release he was having his own criminal record expunged. A charge of domestic violence for actions against his wife was later downgraded to false imprisonment. He pled guilty in 2012 and was sentenced to one day in jail, anger management classes and three months of probation. He had since sought to have the records expunged completely and succeeded in doing so on April 20, just five days after Lopez-Sanchez’s release.

Joe Arpaio, this guy ain’t. But then, I’m sure Mirkarimi gets along with San Francisco pols better than Sheriff Joe could ever do.

Ross Mirkarimi
Ross Mirkarimi, who passes for a sheriff in San Francisco.

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