This Small Town Fought Against Refugee Resettlement – And WON! [VIDEO]

This Small Town Fought Against Refugee Resettlement – And WON! [VIDEO]

Cities and towns across the nation are fighting Obama’s refugee resettlement efforts to terraform and seed the nation with Islamists. Imperial Beach is a suburb of San Diego and the fighting citizens there want no part of it. Mayor Serge Dedina issued a proclamation declaring Imperial Beach as a Welcoming City. People have pretty much figured out that means Sanctuary City and the Muslims are being forced on their community. He just retracted the proclamation because a) he bypassed the City Council and just did it and b) he pissed off most of the residents there. I don’t blame them for being mad.

This fight can be won. The good people of Imperial Beach pushed back and won. All of us should be getting involved and doing the same in our individual communities. It’s a matter of safety, national security and survival. It only took a small, vocal group to make the mayor back down. That’s true patriotism and I’m heartened to see people taking a stand.



Last month, Mayor Serge Dedina issued a proclamation, declaring Imperial Beach to be a “Welcoming City.”

The “Welcoming Communities” program is an Obama initiative intended to resettle large numbers of refugees from Syria, the rest of the Middle East and Latin America in cities and towns across America as part of his “fundamental transformation.”

At the time, Mayor Dedina thought it was pretty harmless, but some people believe it goes deeper than that.

They’re suspicious that the words, “welcoming city,” is another way of saying, “sanctuary city.”

But Mayor Dedina says that a small town, and a relatively poor town, like Imperial Beach couldn’t handle such a thing, even if they wanted.

But that’s not good enough for some skeptics. They want the proclamation erased.

The mayor tried to claim the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Sure it was. He knew exactly what he was doing. So now he comes off as a shifty liar as well. Then he tried to dance on the subject and evade questions. Typical sleazy politician. Time to find a new mayor guys.

Refugee resettlement is being used to bring into America hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees and they are being settled in cities without telling the citizens. They bring mosques, Sharia law, disease, intolerance, hatred and crime with them. Combine that with illegal immigrants who are also being shipped all over America and you have the makings of a political coup.

Americans must stand up and fight back or we will lose our country and our freedom through these Marxist programs.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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