SPREAD THIS: Border Patrol Agents Just Got Terrifying Orders From Obama

SPREAD THIS: Border Patrol Agents Just Got Terrifying Orders From Obama

Border Patrol agents in Texas have reportedly been ordered by President Barack Hussein Obama to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release any illegal immigrants they catch. Because that makes sense, right? Classic Obama #119:


The illegal immigrants were to be tagged with GPS trackers and then transported and released in public spaces like churches and bus stations.

National Border Patrol Council Vice President Shawn Moran, whose organization representing over 17,000 Border Patrol agents was asked for guidance by agents in Texas, went public with the new program on Tuesday.

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“The National Border Patrol Council reminds agents that we do not work for or fall under the chain of command of Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” Moran said during a recorded NBPC podcast.

“If you are ordered to release illegal aliens under any conditions, immediately notify your chain of command, document the situation through agency email or memorandum and notify your local union representative,” he added.

These illegal immigrants should be getting deported, but Obama believes they deserve the chance to set up shop and earn a living in the United States instead. Therefore, he has instructed the very agency responsible for apprehending illegal immigrants to release them onto the streets.

Obama is allowing this to happen even though he knows that many illegal immigrants wind up committing horrible crimes like murder and rape

Obviously the President is more concerned with his looney left agenda than actually doing anything about the very real threat to the lives of Americans.

But really, are you surprised?

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