Texas Rancher: My Biggest Fear is Getting Sued by Illegal Immigrants Trespassing on Land

Texas Rancher: My Biggest Fear is Getting Sued by Illegal Immigrants Trespassing on Land

Plenty of bleeding-heart liberal idiots are pleading with Americans to just think of the poor, poor illegal immigrant children who are stuck in the United States without homes — but none of them give a single thought at all to what this flood of illegals is doing to actual Americans. Consider one Texas rancher, who routinely finds the dead bodies of illegal immigrants on his land and worries that he’s going to be sued because of it.


Presnall Cage, a Brooks County rancher who has found numerous dead illegal immigrants on his ranch, told the Guardian that he and other landowners were angered by “a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a neighbor” in 2007 by the family of illegal immigrants.

“The biggest fear I have these days is litigation,” he said. “Whether it’s warranted or not.”

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As the Guardian notes, “a security guard on the ranch stopped a carload of undocumented migrants being driven through the property to circumvent the checkpoint” in 2007. Soon after, “the vehicle fled and was pursued by the security guard. The chase ended in a rollover, and a Mexican couple and their seven-year-old daughter died.”

… The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund was one of the groups that wrote a “friend of the court” brief, arguing that illegal immigrants should “be allowed to sue if injured on private property.”

Cage told the Guardian that he gave his wife a pistol to carry around on the ranch. She had never carried a gun around before but now must for her safety.
Illegal immigrants have done considerable harm to his private property. For instance, his fence “wire is bent upward and the sand dug away where people have crawled underneath.” They have dropped 250 pounds of marijuana on his land in a smuggling operation. He reportedly has “had the flotation devices that trigger the water pumps for his cattle troughs ripped out by people looking for water, and sometimes migrants leave the gates open and cattle get lost.” He has to pay cowboys to clean up the “hundreds of pounds of litter left behind every year on his ranch.”

“I’d say I spend about $20,000 a year repairing the damage that’s been done,” Cage told the Guardian. “At least they didn’t cut the wire this time.”

Should law-abiding Americans like Presnall Cage have to put up with tens of thousands of dollars of damages to his property, dead bodies on his property, and fear of litigation, all because his ranch happens to be close to the border? Absolutely not, but don’t expect Obama to do anything to help the Americans suffering because of the border crisis — he’s too busy dancing with political donors and golfing on vacation to take notice.

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