Violent Illegal Alien California Refused To Deport Kills His Wife

California encourages illegal immigration. It has even gone so far as to refuse to turn over illegals to ICE. They liberals responsible for that policy might feel differently if they lived in the same neighborhoods as men like Mario Chavez.


In August, illegal alien, Mario Chavez from Jose, California threatened to kill his 6 year old son with a knife and was released on bail. Authorities refused to deport him because of “county policy” that stops what they call “federal overreaching” of I.C.E agent’s access to illegal alien criminals, similar to the “Trust Act”. I.C.E. requests civil detainers from local authorities which requires the inmate to be held until I.C.E. agents have a chance to interview them. San Jose refuses to abide by those rules. Two weeks after Chavez was free on bail, he ignored the protective order and killed his wife, while his children were in the next room. Chavez’s wife had three children.

Every American who is robbed, raped or murdered by an illegal alien is a victim of our refusal to enforce our immigration laws. Mario Chavez shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place. He also should have been deported. If Obama had secured the border or California had deported him, his wife would still be alive. As far I’m concerned, they have blood on their hands.

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