White House Explains What It Wants In Any DACA Deal

White House Explains What It Wants In Any DACA Deal

One does have to wonder how much Mr. Trump and the GOP will end up giving up to the Democrats to strike a deal on the Dreamers legal status, especially since many in the Republican Party are simpatico with the idea of providing amnesty to start with. Paul Ryan has talked about their being a need for border security, which, if similar to the last time, would mean a pathway to citizenship and amnesty while border security is ignored.

(Daily Caller) White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders laid out Friday a series of actions the Trump administration would like to see coupled with an amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries. (snip)

“Right now our goal, our focus is making sure [DACA] is taken care of with also coupling that with massive border security, interior enforcement,” Sanders said.

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There are “some specific things we would like to see,” she said, mentioning an “end to sanctuary cities, expedited removal, more immigration judges, supporting things like the RAISE Act.”

Two of these goals, expedited removal and more immigration judges, deal with the extensive immigration court backlog. A January executive order by Trump authorized the Department of Homeland Security to deport illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for less than two years without a court hearing. DHS has told The Daily Caller that it is examining how much to expand it.

The Raise Act would end chain migration and severely cut legal immigration. The White House’s Friday messaging has focused on ending chain migration along with DACA.

But, Sanders went on to state that ending chain migration is not a “red line”, which makes one wonder how many other things will not be red lines, how many things on that list will be bargained away as the Democrats refuse to give up anything on their list. Will Trump and the Republicans stay strong and refuse to make a deal in the face of Democrats demanding everything on their wish list while refusing to accept anything on the GOP list? If history is a teacher, the GOP will cave.

And, will any of them consider the notion that the parents, the ones we are told were the ones who “sinned” in bringing the kids to the U.S. illegally, should have to self deport in order to provide some sort of legal status for the Dreamers?

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