White House Spokesweasel: Illegals Privacy Trumps American Right To Know


(Daily Caller) The White House won’t reveal where it is housing thousands of Central American juvenile migrants because their privacy rights trump Americans’ right to know what‘s happening in their neighborhoods, press secretary Josh Earnest declared July 16.

“The public does have a right to know what’s happening… [but] at the same time, there are privacy rights that are included in the law that this administration is committed to enforcing and following,” Earnest told Ed Henry, Fox News’ White House correspondent.

“We are not surprised in the least to see the Obama administration imitate the smugglers,” William Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, told The Daily Caller. “This is how smuggling operations work, this is what the smuggler-in-chief wants – secret planes and secret buses full of illegal immigrants.”

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No one should be surprised by this. The Obama administration hasn’t seemed particularly concerned with the privacy rights of Americans, vis a vis the NSA spying scandal and the IRS scandal, among others, nor has the administration been particularly transparent on most things. They just don’t want the American people to know what is happening. Ed Henry also had another exchange with Earnest

(The Blaze) White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to say whether or not the Obama administration thinks the border is secure, despite being repeatedly pressed on the question at Wednesday’s daily briefing.

“Is the border today secure?” asked Fox News’ Ed Henry.

“The issue we’re seeing today at the border–,” Earnest said before being interrupted by Henry.

“Is the border secure?” Henry pressed.

“Well, I will tell you there are more resources that are dedicated to this border right now, and securing it, than there ever have been,” Earnest replied. “The issue that we’re seeing right now is not individuals attempting to evade detection by Border Patrol, what we’re seeing right now are people coming to the border and turning themselves over to Border Patrol.”

Henry asked two more times, and did not get a straight answer. Par for the course for Team Obama.

On the bright side, Democrats are ramping up their rhetoric regarding opposition to illegal immigrants, claiming it’s all about hate. Here’s a good example, via Weasel Zippers

CAROL COUNTY — Maryland State Police have classified anti-immigration graffiti spray painted on the former Army Reserve Center in Westminster as a hate crime.

The graffiti was sprayed sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning, according to Lt. Patrick McCrory, commander of the state police Westminster barracks. The graffiti said “NO ILLEAGLES [sic] HERE NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.” (snip)

McCrory said the graffiti was being considered a hate crime because of its racial message.

“This is definitely a racial, religious, ethnic incident,” McCrory said.

The idea is to criminalize Free Speech in order to shut it down. Typical of the fascistic Left.

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