ABC News: All You Folks Against Illegals Are Raaaaacist

Once again, a media outlet builds a cute little strawman argument regarding the illegal immigration debate. They know they do not have a leg to stand on, and it would not be particularly popular, if they tried their real argument, namely, that they are in favor of saying “screw the law, we want new voters.” But, then, expecting honesty out of a liberal is like expecting a 6 month olds poop not to stink to high heaven: Hating Hispanics: Has Arizona Ignited Firestorm After Decade of Simmering Tension?

Jumped by three men wielding chains and bats, Adolfo pleaded with his attackers to consider his family.

“They started calling me a stupid Mexican and threatening me,” the 25-year-old Staten Island, N.Y., resident said. “I tried to ignore them but they kept saying, ‘You stupid Mexican, we’re going to kill you.'”

The country’s changing demographics and ongoing struggle with immigration policy have stirred anti-Hispanic sentiment, said activists who reported anecdotal evidence that Arizona’s controversial immigration law has contributed to a fresh round of discrimination.

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Here’s an idea to reduce that sentiment (which is held by a minority, seemingly in Northern liberal held cities, but, we’ll get to that): control the border and get rid of the illegal immigrants. Of course, the sentiment is not so much anti-Hispanic, but, anti-illegal, but, hey, that little bit of reality wouldn’t fit the narrative of raaaaacism

“For us, there’s always been a simmering anti-immigrant sentiment,” said Lisa Navarrete, vice president of the National Council of La Raza, an Hispanic advocacy group. “What Arizona does, is it brings it to a whole new level.”

And it seems to have brought it to places not normally regarded as hotbeds of racist activity.

Pro-tip for ABC News: whites cannot technically be racist to Hispanics, since both are considered to be part of the Caucasian race. Oops, sorry, not supposed to discuss Reality Land. What’s really going on is not “racism,” but, simply some people showing hatred and being a**holes. Welcome to the real world Lisa. You understand being a hater, right? Sure you do, after you said Mel Gibson “is now in the running for being worst human being alive!” Sure, Gibson is a nut job, a jerk (keeping it PG), and a fool, but, what you said simply shows your intolerance and hatred. Perhaps Gibson has some mental issues. You should be more sensitive, Lisa. Certainly, you wouldn’t be the VP of a real racist organization, would you, Lisa?

New York City’s Staten Island has seen as many as seven hate-crime beatings of Hispanic men since April. The attack on Adolfo was one of the first there. The situation has become so tense that the U.S. Department of Justice held a community forum last week.

New York City Councilwoman Debi Rose, whose district covers the Staten Island, said that while there are large and diverse immigrant populations living in the borough, Hispanics seem especially vulnerable right now, particularly the immigrants who fear arrest and deportation if they report the violence.

Navarrete, who is first-generation Cuban, said she believes racists and so-called Nativists are using the debate over the Arizona law as an excuse to not only broadcast their hatred for Hispanics, but also act upon it.

“It’s given people license,” she said. “We think immigration is the politically correct way, at least in people’s minds, to talk about it.”

Has anyone noticed a common theme? Yes, that’s right, all the “racism” has occurred in the New York City area. Strange, eh? A big liberal area seems to have a bit of a problem with racism (which is somehow caused by the Arizona law, which mirrors federal law.) So, the moral of the story is that Northern liberals are racists and enjoy beating Hispanics. Thanks for the 411, ABC!

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