Arizona’s Gov. Brewer Wonders If Obama Is The Comic-In-Chief

I’m just wondering, is it too early to start the “Brewer 2012” talk? Or, perhaps, Palin/Brewer 2012? Because, damn, I really love the way she is going after President Obama

In launching a Web site aimed at educating the United States on Arizona’s controversial illegal immigration law, Governor Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) took umbrage with the president’s joke at the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The event is an opportunity for its speakers to make light of politics, and President Barack Obama did so with Arizona’s immigration law:

“We all know what happens in Arizona when you don’t have ID — adios, amigos.”

It was this joke which became the target of Gov. Brewer’s address regarding new steps the state government is taking to promote the law on a national level.

“It’s fair to ask whether he intends to be the Commander-in-Chief or the Comic-in-Chief,” Gov. Brewer said. “Since the president’s joke was so inappropriate, I suppose, if I wanted to join in the comedian game, I could suggest that he should not give up his day job.”

“Unfortunately, though, he isn’t doing very well at that one, either,” she added as her punchline. In the context of the Correspondents’ Dinner, Mr. Obama’s joke may not be seen by some as “so inappropriate.” Gov. Brewer does not see the issue of border security as a joking matter, regardless of context. (Note: video available at the link)

There really isn’t all that much to add, except, she is entirely correct. Obama is running around the country, still in campaign mode, slamming and slurring private citizens, making proclamations, but doing little that is actually good for the country. And he is slamming and slurring Arizona over a bill that I wonder if he has even read. We know Eric Holder hasn’t.

Meanwhile, the website in question is Secure the Border, with a great shot of Sarah Palin and Gov. Brewer at the top. Make sure and visit, wander around, and sign the petition! Also, watch the video ad by Palin and Brewer. Oh, and, Obama and Holder? You can read the law at the site, too!

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