Awwwww. Fish Wrap Is Concerned For Barry After DREAM Act Defeat

Apparently, the defeat of the DREAM Act amnesty bill has left Obama’s policy in disarray. Really, what policy of his isn’t in disarray? The majority of Americans are against most of what he done/tried to do, as well as what he wants to do now. So many have said “this isn’t what we thought we were voting for in 2008.” Gee, if only they had focused more on what Obama stood for, rather than falling for hopey changeyness. Anyhow, Julia Preston of the Fish Wrap brings us the “news analysis”, otherwise known as “blogging”: Immigration Vote Leaves Obama’s Policy in Disarray

The vote by the Senate on Saturday to block a bill to grant legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant students was a painful setback to an emerging movement of immigrants and also appeared to leave the immigration policy of the Obama administration, which has supported the bill and the movement, in disarray.

Perhaps if the legislation, and the pathway to citizenship, made sense, it might have had better support. But, since it allows these illegals to immediately compete for jobs when the unemployment rate is almost 10%, and doesn’t even force the illegals to learn to read, write, and speak English, well, that is a non-starter, especially when not coupled with border enforcement.

The result, although not unexpected, was still a rebuff to President Obama by newly empowered Republicans in Congress on an issue he has called one of his priorities. Supporters believed that the bill – tailored to benefit only immigrants who were brought here illegally when they were children and hoped to attend college or enlist in the military – was the easiest piece to pass out of a larger overhaul of immigration laws that Mr. Obama supports.

Not to Julia: the GOP doesn’t control Congress yet. Nor will the GOP control the Senate come January.

His administration has pursued a two-sided policy, coupling tough enforcement – producing a record number of about 390,000 deportations this year – with an effort to pass the overhaul, which would open a path to legal status for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. Now, with less hope for any legalization measures once Republicans take over the House in January, the administration is left with just the stick.

I applaud Obama for the way he has gone after businesses that hire illegals, as well as for the deportations. Yet, the majority of Americans will not support any sort of amnesty or “pathway to citizenship” as long as the border is not secured and our prisons are being over-run with illegals, quite a few who are violent gang members.

During the last year, administration officials considered proposals to allow immigration authorities to use administrative powers to halt deportations of illegal immigrants who might have been eligible for legal status under the student bill. They also sought ways to ease deportations for other illegal immigrants with no criminal record.

Republican lawmakers criticized those proposals as “backdoor amnesty” and pledged to stop the administration from carrying them out.

Obama will have a serious fight on his hands come 2011, especially if he tries to use executive powers to push amnesty (along with the use of executive powers for other things, like regulating CO2). The GOP will need to keep a sharp eye on the administration and their chicanery as they attempt to right the ship and create an atmosphere of job creation.

The DREAM Act itself was not the end-game, but a step towards full amnesty, much like the ObamaCare legislation is a step towards a full government run health system. Give the kiddies their “pathway”, then we’ll get “well, what about the parents?” And then their friends. And so on.

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