“Christian Whores:” The Abuse Of Female European Aid Workers By Muslim Refugees

Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor and 2016 presidential candidate, might end up best remembered for an interesting line during his long-shot campaign: “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.”

When reading this dispatch from the Vlad Tepes blog about the ugly situation in Nickelsdorf, Austria, an invasion certainly seems a good description of the “Syrian refugees” streaming into Europe…

When you dare to take a look at the border town of Nickelsdorf, population 1,600, you will literally be blown away: uncontrolled, illegal migrants wherever you look, and an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions.

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As early as arriving at the railway station in Nickelsdorf one will notice crowds surrounding ‘Trafiks’ (slang for tobacconist). An astonishingly high number of immigrants – or migrants, want to pay with 500 Euro-bills. The Trafikant is obviously overwhelmed by this payment method, which seems to have been going on for a long while now. The customers are baffled for being rejected due to lack of change.

Of the two border accesses to Nickelsdorf, the smaller one has been closed. And at the larger one, an amazing amount of taxis are waiting with license tags from Vienna. It appears that here, all Austrian laws have been rendered inoperative. Sometimes up to eight people per Taxi are being chauffeured to Vienna, each person at an individual price – at a complete lack of police control or even prevention.

Something even more frightening…

To the onlooker, the population in the border town appears accordingly resigned. Especially women haven’t dared in months to go out alone on their bicycles or even by foot; the chances are too risky and too great to suddenly find oneself surrounded and confronted by a gaggle of foreign love starved young men.

As Daniel Greenfield notes, they’re not really “love-starved young men,” they’re Muslim rape gangs. Incidence of rape in Europe has skyrocketed amid the wave of “refugees” to the continent, to such an extent that a de-facto Sharia law is settling on places like Nickelsdorf; European women no longer feel safe to live as Westerners in Western lands thanks to the new guests.


Mobility is an across-the-board problem nowadays for the indigenous population. For the longest time, all train traffic had been completely stopped to and from Nickelsdorf; the trains stopped at the station before the town. And here you see the same picture you can see with the Railjets of the öBB, the Austrian Federal Railway, in all trains that were used to transport immigrants: All railway wagons were extremely filthy beyond the acceptable. The trains had to be cleaned and disinfected. Many wagons were rendered useless due to the contamination of feces. Many of the immigrants of the near and the middle east have no use for western toilets – just like they have no use for our idea of garbage disposal. The local garbage collection locations at the most were used as convenient pissoirs.

There are rumors that will not stop of several police recruits, who were sent and stationed where no one else wanted to go, that have ended up suffering of mysterious and unknown ailments. Details are not being disclosed, due to lack of information.

Everything completely filthy

Commuters of the 87 kilometers near Vienna Neustadt report, that in the until recently of hundreds of immigrants occupied Arena ‘Nova’, there also was an unusually massive burden and exposure of fecal matter, because these guests from foreign countries “went potty everywhere”. The supplied porta-potties were left “completely filthy” and unusable.

Many people in Nickelsdorf feel completely let dow by their government. “It’s like at the end of the war, back when the Wehrmacht surrendered the area east of Bruck on the Leitha to the Red Army and we were left completely defenseless at the mercy of the marauding Russians”, one man remembers the stories his grandparents told him.

And finally…

One unsettled female voluntary helper tells that “we were continuously berated as Christian whores.” Others just don’t understand just what kinds of people were marching through the land completely uncontrolled and unregistered, with the blessing of the government: “There were the most strangest types, some way too tall Chinese, supposedly from Mongolia or similar areas, colored people in all shades – but hardy any Syrians.” The rumor that Hungary had used the chaos to empty out their prisons, is persistent.

It’s not assimilation, it’s invasion. And like an invading army living off the land, the “refugees” are ravaging places like Nickelsdorf and leaving them destroyed.

You cannot import large chunks of the Third World into the First World without making the First World look like the Third World. That is precisely what the “Syrian” refugee crisis has brought on in Europe. Responsible leaders would be acting strongly to put a stop to it and reverse it.

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