Connie Mack Thinks Conservatives Should Oppose Arizona Illegal’s Law

It’s a shame, really, since Mack has a lifetime rating of 92.8 from the ACU. Quite frankly, he pretty much shows he failed to read the bill, nor does he make more than a feelings based point, based on falsehoods

America is at a crossroads on a number of issues. And as we tackle national concerns such as immigration, conservatives have a responsibility to commit ourselves to our philosophy of less taxing, less spending, less government and more freedom.

I do think that is a little to basic. It may sound good to those who pay little attention to politics, but there is a bit more to it. I would put it as taxation limited to what the Constitution says government’s jobs are, spending based on the responsibilities of the Constitution, government limited to what the Constitution demands, and, well, that will actually lead to more freedom. But, of course, Connie is going to equate freedom to basically asking for the papers of everyone. So

The latest issue freedom-loving conservatives should be concerned about is the Arizona immigration law.

After a recitation of what happened to Japanese Americans being interred during WWII

Illegal immigration poses clear security risks to our nation and is a cancer on our economic well-being.


But trampling on the rights of some Americans to protect the majority conflicts with the values our nation was founded upon.

Our Constitution protects individual freedoms and liberties. Nowhere does this document speak of protecting the majority over the minority. Anger about the economy, increased crime and security concerns are fueling this law, not constitutional principles.

Dude, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that it applies to foreign nationals who entered our country illegally. Plus, exactly whose rights are being trampled? It’s a violation of those rights to check documentation when in contact with law enforcement in a legal manner, such as being stopped for moving violations as all the laws of Arizona, not to mention the illegal immigrant law, state? Oh, wait, you did not read the bill

I do not want to live in a nation where American citizens are asked “Where are your papers?” We are better than that.

Make sure to tell the next police officer who pulls you over, or responds to an accident or call to them that they are like Nazi’s for daring to ask for your papers. It’s not like they can legally ask to see your identification when they ……. oh, wait, it is. If you are not doing anything wrong, in the majority of states no government official can simply ask to see your ID. If you are walking around and a cop says “show me your ID,” you can legally tell him/her to bugger off. But, as pointed out time and time again, citizens who have done nothing wrong are constantly required to show their ID. To fly. To buy alcohol. Smokes. Write a check. Use a credit card (I actually get upset when they don’t, and tend to avoid that store). Fill out an I-9 for a job (2 ID’s, usually). And so on.

You may be a highly ranked Conservative, Connie, but you are dead wrong, you failed to read the bill, and you did not make your case. Why not join those of us in the “let’s stand for law and order” crowd, OK?

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