Cruise Lines Abandon San Diego due to Mexico Drug Crime, High California Taxes

Bon Voyage and Happy New Year, California Governor Jerry Brown!: 

Carnival “Spirit” is moving home port from San Diego to Australia

The new year 2011 and lack of confidence in the tax policies of incoming governor Jerry Brown bring: devastating : news:  to Southern California.: 

The progressive tax-and-spend policies of Democrat-run California government have chased another lucrative business out of the state.:  The open-borders, do-nothing immigration policy of the Obama administration claims the runner-up prize for this economic blow to an already-reeling economy in San Diego.

The major cruise lines have just announced they are leaving San Diego, California: to make NEW : home ports in Texas, Florida and Australia.: :  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Texas and Florida don’t have state income taxes and California has the highest state income tax in the country?: 

: I’m also sure new governor Jerry Brown’s announcement that a $50 billion tax increase should be approved by voters this spring is also “helpful” as businesses make their decisions about whether to stay in “the Golden State.”

Finally, who can blame tourists for being horrified by the:  crimes along: :  the “Mexican Riviera?”

These cruise lines will NEVER come back after making this decision.:  Why not just give in to the Reconquista movement and give Southern California over to the Mexican drug cartels and quit pretending we are a sovereign nation???

I think it is HIGH TIME that the cruise companies:  and the American travelling public cut Mexico’s tourism off however: they can.:  The despicable media:  and travel agent industry “cover-ups” of the carnage occurring on a daily basis in Mexico and the dangers to tourists have gone on long enough.: : :  Cut off the tourism bucks.:  Do not enable this farce of a Mexican government any longer.: :  Make them handle their drug cartels, or let them devolve into chaos.: :  Stay the hell out of Mexico.: : Denounce the:  corrupt Mexican president who had the nerve to lecture the American people about illegal immigration : in our Congress chambers.: :  Let him solve his own problems without our tax:  and tourism dollars.:  Check out the graphic : pictures and story from the brave “truth-telling” website, Blog del Narco, : linked below. : 

After all,: a vacation in Acapulco — what can go wrong???


“To the north, Royal Caribbean’s 3,100-passenger Mariner of the Seas is leaving on its final voyage from the Port of Los Angeles on Sunday and after a tour of South America. It will end up at its new home base of Galveston, Texas, the Los Angeles Times said. And the 2,348-passenger Norwegian Star will leave LA in May for Tampa, Fla.”


“The relocation of the cruise ship Carnival Spirit to Australia will result in an estimated $54 million loss to the Port of San Diego and nearby businesses, officials said Thursday.

Carnival, the world’s largest cruise line, announced Wednesday that the 88,500-ton ship will be based in Sydney in April 2012, and will visit New Zealand and other Pacific islands.

The financial loss is based on the rule of thumb used by port officials that each call by a cruise ship in San Diego will bring about $2 million in business.

The Carnival Spirit, which carries 2,667 passengers, makes 27 calls to San Diego per year, making runs to the Mexican Riviera.

Port spokesman John Gilmore said the economy and perceptions about crime in Mexico have combined to hurt the local cruise business.”

New York : Times:

28 bodies, 15 of them beheaded, found near a shopping plaza in Acapulco with notes attached to each corpse from the drug cartel…


“Acapulco, a city once synonymous with beach tourism, has sought to revive its fortunes as a destination for Mexicans. The tourist areas near the beachfront hotels are heavily patrolled by the police.

But a wave of anxiety hit in November when the bodies of 18 men, abducted as they arrived for what their families said was an Acapulco vacation, were found in a mass grave outside the city.”

2008:  Beheadings of police north of Acapulco

: “Local news channels have been trying to give a sense of normality to the situation, showing young U.S., Canadian and European tourists already enjoying themselves on Acapulco’s beaches, the Times said. “

Click here for coverage of the murder/beheadings in Acapulco on January 8, 2011.:  [Warning::  Graphic]

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