De Blasio Refunds $1 Million to Sponsors of Immigrants on Welfare

Socialist NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is accomplishing the seemingly impossible — he is proving himself to be even worse than his predecessor:

In a reversal of his predecessor’s policy, Mayor de Blasio has quietly stopped requiring immigrants’ sponsors to repay the city if the people they helped go on welfare.

De Blasio is also refunding close to $1 million to 250 New Yorkers who were compelled to cough up money under the policy, according to budget documents released last week.

Most of the refunds are going to sponsors who are relatives of the immigrants they sponsored, officials said.

The payback policy stems from a 1997 federal law, which requires sponsors of immigrants to sign a contract saying they are financially responsible if the people they sponsored accept some public benefits.

Responsible? It’s racist, classist, ethnocentric, jingoistic, and downright capitalistic to hold anyone but taxpayers responsible for anything.

The requirement was not exactly onerous even before:

The city gave low-income sponsors, victims of domestic abuse, asylum seekers and refugees a pass, along with recipients of food stamps and Medicaid.

If you aren’t seething yet, read the administration’s explanation:

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Lilliam Barrios-Paoli said the de Blasio administration ended the paybacks in February because it was “wrong.”

“These people are our neighbors. They pay taxes. And they deserve better,” said Barrios-Paoli.

No, they do not pay taxes. This story is about those who come into the country to live lives of leisure that are financed by other people’s taxes.

Those taxes will continue to climb through the stratosphere so long as the likes of de Blasio can use them to buy votes.

On a tip from Sean C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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