Did You Hear The One About Three Illegals Busted After A Sit In At McCain’s Office?

Well, so far, the ending looks to be funny as heck

A sit-in at Senator John McCain’s Tucson office Monday led to a trip to jail for four people, three of them illegal immigrants, and could now mean that they will be kicked out of the country.

“We’re dedicated,” said Yahaira Carrillo, who came to the United States 18 years ago illegally with her parents. “This is home. I don’t know what life is like in Mexico, I don’t know what working there is like.”

“Everyone was very supportive,” said Mohammad Abdollahi about the staff and officers whom he met on Monday. He came with his parents from Iran more than twenty years ago, when he was three years old.

If you are an illegal, perhaps you should not pop your head up and put yourself in the crosshairs of law enforcement. Seems pretty common sense, especially since ICE initiated deportation proceedings against the three. Though it is doubtful that Abdollahi will be deported, since he is from Iran, and is gay (the other two are illegals from Mexico, whose parents brought them when they were much younger). Which is why I have maintained that there are certain circumstances where we cannot just get rid of them all. Nor can we just provide amnesty. There needs to be a big fine. Pay back taxes and Social Security fees. They must speak, or learn, English. They must have a damned good reason for staying. And, like most other countries require, these people must provide value. Otherwise, hit the road!

And we need to secure the borders first, before anything is even considered.

Meanwhile, the Costa Mesa city council has declared that it will not be a sanctuary city, and will crack down further on illegals. Of course, there always have to be a few whiners

The resolution passed despite pleas from community members. No one in the audience spoke in favor of it.

“Immigrants are part of America,” Silvia Hernandez told the council. “We work, pay taxes, go to church and participate in our communities. We need a solution that brings people out of the shadows.”

Yeah. Legal immigrants. Most of the rest are criminals, and can get the hell out.

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