Does The Obama Administration Realize That Americans Speak English?

If you were born in this country, you should be able to speak English, even if it’s just ebonics. Even to become a naturalized American citizen, you need to take an English test to prove you have a certain level of proficiency with English. So, if you’re talking with someone who has so little command of the English language that you need a translator to have a conversation with him, it’s highly likely that he’s not an American citizen. Sure, there might be some exceptions, just like there might be times when a guy with a ski mask and a shotgun walking into a bank might not be there to rob it, but 99 times out of 100, you know what’s going on. Oh, that is unless you’re Barack Obama’s Agriculture Department.

A federal department ruled last week that the Forest Service violated a Spanish-speaking woman’s civil rights by calling the Border Patrol to help translate during a routine stop, saying it was “humiliating” to Hispanics and an illicit backdoor way to capture more illegal immigrants.

…Assistant Secretary Joe Leonard Jr. said calling the Border Patrol automatically “escalates” encounters between Hispanics and law enforcement. He ruled that the Forest Service cannot routinely summon the Border Patrol for assistance and said the agency now must document suspected racial profiling nationwide.

“Given the increased risk of being questioned about immigration status during an interaction with [Border Patrol], the policy of using BP for interpretation assistance is problematic in all situations because it places a burden on [limited English proficient] individuals that non-LEP individuals do not experience,” Mr. Leonard ruled.

The case stems from a 2011 incident in Olympic National Forest in Washington in which a Forest Service officer encountered a Hispanic couple who he said appeared to be illegally harvesting plants on the federal lands.

The couple didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak fluent Spanish and, anticipating that situation, he called the Border Patrol for backup and translating.

But when a Border Patrol agent arrived, the couple fled. The woman was apprehended, but the man jumped into a river to try to escape and drowned. The Border Patrol took the woman into custody but released her several days later, reportedly on humanitarian grounds.

So, the forestry department runs across two people breaking the law. The officer calls the border patrol for help, perhaps because he was under the assumption that they were illegal immigrants because they couldn’t speak English. It turns out that they are illegal immigrants and the conclusion of Joe Leonard, who would be immediately fired if the Obama Administration actually care about stopping illegal immigration, is that this is some kind of racial profiling discrimination.

People wonder why we can’t ever seem to solve the illegal immigration problem in this country. The truth is it’s actually a very solvable problem. We could easily secure the border, get most of the illegals that are here to self-deport, and prevent more illegals from coming here. That’s what the American people want, but it’s not what the government wants. So, the government makes a big splashy show of doing things that seem to help the problem on the surface, while it does everything it can to sabotage its own policies. That’s what this is — a bald-faced attempt to keep more illegal immigrants in the country. It’s morally wrong, it’s bad for the country, and the American people shouldn’t allow it.

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